First Week on the New Job.

This new job is certainly something else.



December 7, 2015 – thought I was just going in for a check up!

First of all, my boss moved up my start date with very little notice – I mean, two weeks early! Who does that? I was all set to prepare for this new responsibility for two carefree weeks, but apparently she had something else on her mind!

And her absolute disregard for schedules and routine doesn’t end there! Not only did she demand an early start, but she had the whole family move things around for her – last minute dog sitters, parking tickets, the whole nine!

Then, there’s the hours. I knew that this was a full time position, but being on call 24/7 is certainly a transition from my former 25-hours a week. Now, it’s more like working 25-hours a day!

However, I do have to say that I really love my commute, my office, and my cute co-workers – plus, I am on my feet a whole lot more, and I’ve lost 16 of the 25 pounds I gained before this career change began.

My new “office”
My “co-workers”

Another thing? Each day is completely different! Despite being older than my employer, she teaches me something new everyday and makes me really appreciate every single moment.

The big boss! ❤

My face hurts from grinning so wide, and my eyes seem to be in a constant state of welling from the tears that keep flowing. Basically, I’m a hot (happy) mess.

Yes, this new job is definitely unlike any other that I have ever embarked upon.

And I just can’t wait to see what’s next.



    • She’s napping now, and I promised to my hubs I would nap during at least one of her nap periods a day, so this one is my mega do everything morning energy period. LOL! 😀 Hehe. Thanks again, C.

  1. She is just precious! Congrats to you–and I love how you wrote this up. Best wishes for many happy years to come!

    • Haha, thanks, Kim! TBH, I was so uncomfortable near the end of my pregnancy that it made it hard to sleep, and I think I felt more tired then than now (knock on wood). 😉

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