Got $7?


The first time I decided to run for charity (with Team in Training), I issued a challenge to try for a donation from each of the 50 states! It went over smashingly, and not only did I reach $1k with tremendous support from friends and family, but we were able to DOUBLE it!

Since then, I’ve made it a mission to make my running bigger than me, and have worked with a variety of charities to raise funds and awareness for causes near and dear to my heart.

I am so proud to continue to represent one of my favorite organizations, 26.2 with DONNA as an Ambassador, and will continue to work with them as long as they’ll have me! In fact, despite the fact that I have been off the running train for the past few weeks (I *think* I have a good excuse), I am so excited to return to Jacksonville in 46 days to rock the 5K…and maybe more??? 😉

So, what is this $7 a state business, you ask? Well, I ran the numbers and saw that we’re just $333 away from raising $1k for the 2016 event, and that means even $7 can go far when it comes to reaching this goal!

Thank you for your support! And, hey, at $1k…maybe I’ll have another announcement to share!!

Ready to join in? CLICK HERE!

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