Dear 4-Week Old Abby

Dear Abby,

Where has the time gone? Today, daddy and I took you to your 4-week appointment, and you are doing so well! Tomorrow, you will be 1-month old and you’re up an entire pound since you were born. You’re as cute as ever, but now you’ve added even more amazing facets to your growing persona, including a plethora of adorable expressions, increasing strength in your head and neck, and you definitely can pick out mommy and daddy’s voices.

Over the past few weeks, our house has been full – both literally, of family and guests, and figuratively: so full of love. Your grammy, grampy, aunt Jenni and “uncle” Vernon have had so much fun showering you with gifts, holding you, and playing with you. Your brothers, Dug and Cosmo, may have been getting less attention than before, but they are fiercely protective of you on our daily walks, and their alert level has increased as they guard you from any threat they may perceive.

Each day, it seems like you are closer and closer to becoming able to smile, whether it’s from the first few rays of sunlight that stream into the bedroom after a rest(less) night, or after you’ve just had (yet another) feeding session.

shiawaselifeSpeaking of feeding – how come no one ever tells you how hard this part can be? We’ve been very lucky, as you were very receptive to latching on to mommy since the first days at the hospital, but since you were so small, we’ve had to work hard to get you on track to getting big and strong! It breaks my heart to wake you from a restful slumber just to feed you a very calculated amount of supplement and at least 20-minutes of breastfeeding every two hours just as much as it looks like it upsets you – especially at 2 or 3 in the morning – but it’s working! You are the most beautiful 6-lb, 12-oz baby in the world galaxy and it makes me so happy to see you so healthy and happy.

IMAG0575Sometimes, daddy makes fun of me because I just tear up looking at your sweet face. It still boggles my mind that you’re really here, after spending 38-weeks in my belly. I had wondered if I’d miss being pregnant, and truthfully, as much as I enjoyed being pregnant, I don’t miss it at all, because now I have you right here.

So, despite the spit up in my hair, the bags under my eyes, and the same tank top I’ve probably been wearing since Monday, I have to say – I would not trade this for anything.

I love you so much, Abby. Words really aren’t enough.








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