Cloth Diapering Update: 1 Month In!



Adjusting to life with a newborn has definitely been something to get used to! From the lack of sleep, to the extra considerations (and gear!) when it comes to planning outings and making plans (still need to book our DONNA marathon weekend travel!) it’s definitely a challenge unlike any other I’ve ever taken on.

Thankfully, I am proud to report that our foray into the world of cloth diapering has NOT been one of those big challenges – thanks to some pre-planning and research. And though we’re certainly not experts on cloth diapering by any means, I am very pleased at how it’s been going so far!

Thanks to getting the prep work for the diapers done in advance, Abby has been in cloth since returning home from the hospital. Since she was smaller than I thought she might be when I was making the initial purchases of our cloth diaper stash, I did add a few items to supplement her rotation, but otherwise, it’s been really nice to not have that weekly expense – and it’s nice to not (literally) throw away money with her extensive diaper changes.


So, without further ado, here’s a breakdown of our cloth diapering routine – by the numbers:

  • 0: number of diaper blowouts and/or icky bags of trash to take out (by far, one of the most compelling reasons to cloth diaper in my honest opinion).
  • 4: extra loads of laundry a week associated with cloth diapers.
  • 5: extra minutes a day I spend spraying out solids from diapers (since we’re currently supplementing – if/when we go back to exclusively breast feeding this step isn’t necessary).
  • 13: average daily diaper changes (associated with her regimented nursing schedule – I foresee this going down in the next few weeks).

Additionally, over the past few weeks we’ve learned which diapers fit Abby the best (currently: Green Mountain fitted NB diapers with Thirsties or Rumparooz covers) as well as which ones are the most goof-proof (Grovia AIOs). I’ve practiced several different diaper folds with our prefolds, and have discovered the magic of FSTs (flour sack towels) and transitioned to cloth wipes for all of our at-home diapering (I have Honest Company wipes for our on-the-go changes).

All in all, I am pleased about our experience thus far with Cloth Diapering, and would definitely recommend it to anyone curious or considering it! I’ll be sure to update again as Abby grows!



  1. Glad to see it going well for you! I considered it for my son but given this if our last baby, the overall cost comparison between cloth and disposable was the same. It’s a shame because there are some cute covers out there 😊

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