Square Zero.

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Time to get back in the game.

On January 5 (my 4-week PP appointment), I received the go-ahead from my OB to return to exercise! I was really excited – albeit a bit nervous – since walking had been my primary form of activity for the past few months. Still, I did not let that fear get in the way of my first run back in months this past weekend, and I was excited to be able to complete 2.6 miles at around a 10-minute pace.

With the recent cooler weather, and my amazing anniversary/Christmas present of a treadmill, getting back on the running train in a gradual progression feels very achievable. I am also very thankful to be ~5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, which definitely eases the stress on my body that I felt right before I stopped running around 30-weeks.

Of course, that is not to say there aren’t any other challenges! One thing that I noticed in my two runs back is well…two things. The whole getting used to my new chest has been an adjustment – not just in running, but in dressing, and in the new routine in general. I’ve discovered that I have to time my exercising times to right after feeding Abby (or pumping) or it’s just a hot (and somewhat uncomfortable) mess. I am eager to find some new blogs/resources with tips/information about training while breastfeeding as I move toward establishing a new training regimen.

Three months ago, I wrote a post about running goals, and upon review, I feel confident about that realistic approach. Along with the physical challenge of getting back out there, I foresee 2016 a year of getting comfortable with balancing taking it easy and breaking new boundaries!

What are your running goals this year? 

3 thoughts on “Square Zero.

  1. My advice: get a good bra and nursing pads. I usually go for Moving Comfort or Under Armour because they actually have larger cup sizes for smaller frames. I also try to use ones with underwire because the support is much appreciated. However, I know some people have issues with underwire and nursing (I didn’t). Wearing the pads help not only with leaking but prevent chaffing that can happen sometimes.

    I never had issues with running and nursing. I just made sure to drain down before longer runs. I ran a 10K at around 1.5 months pp and did just that. Finished in time to nurse again :). With my daughter, I ran a half and 2 fulls during her first 8 months. Not sure if you have particular questions but I can let you know my experience on anything you’re curious about 🙂

    • Thanks girl! I have been running in Moving Comfort for the past few years, and sized up during pregnancy with new bras, so I am good in that department…and a friend of mine suggested LilyPadz silicon nursing pads (even started using them before Abby was born, because I was having terrible nipple pain!) So that part is good…but wondering how much I can run as far as duration, since baby has to eat every two hours – I can pump some so she can eat if my run goes over the two hours, but I am guessing while she is in this newborn stage, my supply is going to stay pretty high so going over three hours makes my boobs too heavy to run anyway heh.

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