It’s been a hot minute since I updated the blog, I know. It’s not like I have been super busy – I mean, keeping a tiny human alive is challenging and all, but I have had *some* spare time – in which I’ve been getting back into the running game (future post forthcoming, I promise) or, you know, sleeping (or attempting to).


Since I last wrote, Abby has really grown – sizewise, and personality-wise, too! She’s very silly, and has started to show off her toothless grin, which, I have to say – does make up for those sleepless nights. She’s around 9 lbs now, by my estimation, and has grown more than 2 inches in length.

In the past few weeks, I have also noted several “I never knew” moments. Now, don’t make fun of me (hence my post title – YMMMV – my acronym for ‘your mommy mileage may vary’) but hear me out! And if nothing else…have a laugh at my expense!

So here we go:

I never knew…

  1. How much babies spit up. I mean, I wondered why everyone was gifting me bibs, when babies don’t eat food for months. Um, yeah. Learned this the hard way after realizing I was changing onesies 3-4 times a day.
  2. That you need a lot more nursing clothes (bras, tanks) then you think you do. Between the leaking and the aforementioned spit up, you’ll both look and smell like a hot mess, unless you plan on doing laundry more than once a day.
  3. (Speaking of laundry) How much more fun folding baby clothes is than your own.
  4. …just how fast you can take a shower when you hear your baby crying.
  5. HOW FREAKING HUNGRY YOU GET WHILE BREASTFEEDING. Y’all. I am a runner, so I thought I knew #runger, but this is crazy. I’ve found the best snack to be nuts/trail mix. ALSO THE THIRST. #thestruggleisreal
  6. The power of leggings. And capris. And oversized tunics. And…well anything that’s not “real” clothing. Between the soreness from lack of sleep, and the random puffiness as my body readjusts, comfort is KEY, and well, at least I’m not wearing sweatpants so I look kinda sporty 😉
  7. The simple joy of hearing baby babble, grunts and squeaks. I know every parent thinks they have the cutest kid around, but wow, it’s crazy how much a little person can warm your heart.

And now, time to make dinner!


  1. She’s so cute. Can’t believe it’s been two months.
    I can attest to the voracious hunger of breastfeeding. I was so much more hungry during my time breastfeeding than during my entire pregnancy. It was ridiculous.

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