Cloth Diapering Update: (almost) 3 Months in!

Abby modeling her Rumparooz x Tokidoki pocket diaper with her bear, in a doll diaper (won from this contest).

In just a few days, we’ll be celebrating three months with Abby – and three months of successful cloth diapering, too!

Before Abby was born, there were lots of preparations to make and decisions to consider – and I can definitely say that I am so glad that we decided to move forward with cloth diapering. (see my first post on “building my stash” here and our 1-month update here). Not only do I feel better about the environmental impact of what would be upward of 90 diapers a week going into a landfill (the girl can eat! and pee! and poop!) but after a brief weekend with disposables when we left town for Jacksonville (comically tragic post forthcoming) I can confidently state that cloth has been a great fit for our family.

As I stated in the last cloth diapering update in January, Abby goes through a LOT of diapers each day – still around 12. Thankfully though, since her 2-month check up, we’ve been able to return to EBF (exclusive breastfeeding) so her *ahem* waste is a lot more predictable than when it was a mix with formula. Also, fun fact (that many have asked me about) – EBF poop is water-soluble so you *can* throw a soiled diaper right in the wash. However, since our laundry routine is solidly every other day, I usually rinse them out with our sprayer if I know the diaper is not going to be washed soon, to reduce staining.

No editing, just one hour of sitting outside.

Speaking of staining – I have to share this bit of witchcraft I learned in one of my many cloth diapering groups on Facebook – a mystical stain-erasing process called: “sunning.”


Even if you don’t cloth diaper, or never will, this is something that you can use for any stained clothing (like, your baby’s clothes, from blowouts if you don’t use cloth – HEH! I kid! But kinda, not really, we’ve still not had a diaper blowout in cloth). All you have to do is put the laundered – still wet –  soiled clothes outside. It doesn’t even need to be a super sunny day (the day I took this picture, it was overcast). That’s it! The UV rays do their magic, and voila! No more stains.

Gro-via O.N.E. rocks!

So, along with that amazing discovery, over the past two months, we’ve also adapted to Abby’s growth and routine in other ways – she now regularly sleeps 7-8 hours consecutively (apx 8 PM to 4 AM), so we had to figure out an overnight solution, which we found in the versatile Gro-via O.N.E. diaper!

This diaper is very unique, and features different absorbent snap-in inserts (we are currently using the small one) as well as a versatile closure system that allows you to choose snaps or hook and loop (their ‘velcro’). Additionally, it is has customization options for babies from 8-30 pounds (Abby is currently in its smallest setting). I need to add a few more of these to our stash, since I’ve had to customize some of our other diapers with various inserts to live up to the prowess of this one, on the “other” night that this one is in the wash!

We ❤ Gro-via NB AIO!

Speaking of Abby’s growth – this girl is just surprising me each day! At nearly 3-months old, she’s about 11 pounds now – doubled her birth weight – and so, her diapers are all fitting differently – some she has already grown out of (a few of the Newborn sized ones) and some she still doesn’t fit in to.

As I was composing this update in my head, I thought I’d share my “favorite” diapers and accessories at the three-month point, which include:

  • Gro-via Newborn All in One – though we will be retiring these soon (we have four of these), these were some of the few diapers that fit Abby right away, back in her sub-6 lb days, and they “grew” with her until now (we’ve probably got about a week or two left before she outgrows them). Not only are these diapers well-made and attractive, but they’re fairly priced and “easy” for family members to help change Abby (very similar process as a disposable – just snap in and go). Additionally, the materials clean easily and dry quickly. I’d definitely recommend these diapers.
  • Kangacare Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diapers – well, aside from the obvious CUTE factor – we have tokidoki and JUJUBE collaboration prints), these have also been great to grow with. rar.jpgThey’re “one- sized” (rated 6-35 lbs) and actually have fit Abby well since we brought her home, too. As “pocket” diapers, they require stuffing (they are sold with two different inserts – a small and large – we currently use the small) so they’re not as dummy proof as AIOs, but I pre-stuff them at laundry time, so diaper changes are a breeze with these – plus, their interiors are made of super plush fleece – kinda makes me wish I had fleece underwear, haha!
  • cosbags
    Cosmo modeling with the wet bags.

    Kangacare Wet Bag & Thirsties Wet Bag – during the day, we do all our diaper changes in Abby’s room, throwing soiled diapers into our bin (with a Planetwise pail liner) until laundry time, but at night and on-the-go, soiled diapers are stashed in to wet bags until being thrown in the bin or the wash. While I have a pretty good stash of wet bags of various brands, the two stand-outs in the line up are the Kangacare and Thirsties bags. Both can be folded small and stashed in diaper bags, but expand out and can hold lots of diapers, have smooth zippers, and have handy snap-hooks as handles for hooking them on to the pack and play attachment in our bedroom, or to the diaper bag handle when we’re out and about. Additionally, the Kangacare one is designed in a “half circle” shape, which expands out a lot – it can hold up to 15 diapers!

Some other great runner’s ups? Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers, Green Mountain Diapers Pre-folds and Baby Bits Wipes Solution all round out our daily diapering routine! In the coming months, I see a few tweaks (ordering a few new O.N.E.’s and replacing our newborn fitteds) but otherwise, it’s great to have a routine established for this aspect of parenting and baby care – because heavens knows how unpredictable everything else can be! 🙂

Do you cloth diaper? What are your favorite styles and brands?







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