Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, so all thoughts/opinions are 100% my own! However, I have included an affiliate link for Zulily, which is where I purchased my Ju-Ju-Be product.

I’ve always been a bag lady. I mean, purses, backpacks, totes, clutches – you name it, much to my husband’s chagrin, I’ve got ’em!

So, naturally, when it came to choosing a diaper bag, hubby rolled his eyes at my extensive researching – after all, he posited, what’s so special about a diaper bag v. any of the dozens of bags that I already owned?

My new B.F.F.

Well, as it turns out – a lot! And thankfully for him – a lot, for NOT a lot of $$!

You see, after reading review upon review of diaper bags online, the general consensus seemed to be that Ju-Ju-Be was the clear stand out for stylish and functional diaper toting. With really cute prints, a variety of styles ranging from purse-like bags to utilitarian backpacks and easy-to-clean material? I was hooked!

Ironically enough, the vast selection of prints in the Ju-Ju-Be collection turned out to be the reason it took me a while to pull the trigger on a purchase! From classic floral designs, to trendy Tokidoki collaborations and the understated-yet-classy Legacy line, I couldn’t decide where to start!

While I was contemplating our purchase, I was using the Skip Hop Forma Tote, which had been a gift from my mom – another reason I wasn’t particularly rushing my purchase. The Skip Hop was a nice, lightweight diaper bag, equipped with great pack-along accessories (two cubes: one mesh, for clothes, and one insulated, for bottles/milk). I actually used it as my hospital bag for the stay after Abby was born! Although this bag continues to be our back-up, there were a few notable considerations with it: items tended to get “lost” on the inside (since it’s a tote style), it was slipping off my shoulder when I wore Abby in the baby carrier, and with its extensive pockets and dark interior color, I always seemed to lose my keys in it.

Well, the stars must have aligned for us because last month, Ju-Ju-Be was one of the featured collections on one of my favorite shopping sites, Zulily! And not only that, two of the bag styles I had narrowed down to (the B.F.F. and the Be Right Back) AND one of my favorite prints (Hello Kitty – Tick Tock) were available!

After a review of my favorite features, I decided to purchase the B.F.F. – not only was it a larger diaper bag to accommodate our cloth diapering accessories, but it had the option to convert from a backpack to a messenger-style (with detachable shoulder strap) AND the interior was a nice bright blue – no more losing items in the depth of the bag! Plus, since it was such a screamin’ good deal, I also purchased a paci pod 🙂

bff2Although Zulily shipping sometimes can take a while, this bag arrived about two weeks after I ordered and from the moment it arrived, it was LOVE! I immediately packed it up and was amazed at its capacity – it can easily hold three AIO cloth diapers, our cloth wipes, two back up disposables, a wet bag, two changes of clothes for Abby, a nursing scarf, and burp cloth – all in the main compartment!

In addition to that big compartment, there are two insulated side pockets (perfect for slipping in your smart phone, though there is a dedicated front pocket for electronics), and a unique “mommy pocket” with a springy key fob (haven’t lost my keys! whee!) and enough space for a large wallet.


Although I have not had to clean it yet (and won’t for a while, at least from the outside, since the bottom of the bag features “feet” to keep it off the dirty ground!) these Ju-Ju-Be bags are machine washable, too – perfect for busy moms, dads – or anyone!

Best of all, this bag is a perfect partner for babywearing! Going on outings is a snap with baby in the front, and the diaper bag on the back! And since Abby and I spend most all our time together, that means this bag has transitioned into my ‘purse,’ too. Bonus? Despite its over-the-top cute factor, hubby doesn’t mind carrying it, since due to its backpack usability.

I love that this bag will be a great “go to” for years to come, with baby/kid gear, then transitioned into a large purse/overnight bag in the future, with the shoulder strap.

So…if you’re in the market for a fun and functional diaper bag (or purse, backpack, bottle bag, or clutch…) I’d definitely recommend giving Ju-Ju-Be a look! I am glad we did 🙂

What’s your everyday bag?



  1. […] Check your airlines regulations for kid policies – we flew a ‘discount airline’ that charges for anything beyond a personal item brought onboard. However, after we checked the website, we learned a baby bag would not be counted as a carry-on, so I was able to pack Abby’s big bag with all her essentials, and even mommy’s essentials (we use the JuJuBe B.F.F.) […]

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