Running in Circles.

Hey, remember how this used to be a running-runningkcentric blog?

Hah! Really though, I am pretty darn happy about how I’ve felt since returning to one of my favorite ways to sweat! I am not doing any kind of impressive mileage by any means, but the fact that my pace didn’t take an utter and complete nosedive after a three-month hiatus is reason enough for me to be thankful.

Additionally, I have to remind myself that I not only was able to complete a half marathon two months post-partum, but my time wasn’t terrible, either!

While I am still not running as often as I’d like to, I’ve been really grateful for the treadmill that hubby gifted me for my Christmas/birthday/baby present! Since the “free time” in my schedule is relegated to when Abby is asleep (naps are sporadic), the best time for that has been right after her bedtime. It actually works out really well, as I can get in 3-4 miles, pump, then take a shower and get in bed by 11ish. I am very fortunate in that the exercise provides a great way to wind-down for me, and I can sleep well until Abby wakes up a few hours later to eat. I try to do this run 2-3 times a week, and am working on increasing it to a steady every-other-day routine, and to even get one of the runs to a 5-6 mile range – possibly outside, on Saturday or Sunday, during the day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.57.09 PM
Daily Mile Stats.

I still haven’t nailed down any solid running goals for the year, so I am not doing any formal training now, and for the first time in years, my race schedule is relatively empty. This weekend, I’ll be running in a local half marathon relay (so half of a half-ish), and then next month, the Star Wars 10K. Assuming I can keep my current mileage/fitness level up, I may see about treating the Myakka River Half Marathon as my “come back,” but that I have not yet decided.

In a few months, I look forward to running outside with Abby in tow with our jog stroller, which I think will be a fun way for us spend time together. Our neighborhood loop is about 3 miles, so we can start our own little 5K series!

So, all in all – the return to running has been better than I imagined. While I do feel slight tinges of jealousy when I see friends updating about their big marathon plans for the fall and beyond, I take a step back and remember that this is all part of my running and life journey – and I know that running will always be there for me!

What’s your running story in 2016?






  1. My current running story: So far, 93 miles in total for 2016. I think I only run slightly more than you with a 16-month-old! Sleep was/is a major issue around here, and even after we finally hit STTN recently (!!), I am still having insomnia from all those months (years if you count pregnancy) of waking. So that leaves mornings before work, and after an hr of commuting I get in about 2-4 miles at a time. I work straight through the day and then get my son and focus every last second on him until bedtime. Same thing with weekends, which is why I don’t usually run on those days. I used to work out when he napped on the weekends, but lately I’ve been doing house stuff or studying. I think I could milk some more mileage out of my schedule once my energy stabilizes. Sometimes I’ll cut a run just because I don’t want to end up “too tired” to chase after my toddler! Boo!

  2. Ha! My running story for 2016…umm there isn’t one? I never thought this knee issue would take so long for recovery but since I promised myself I would address it properly, here I am still in PT. Like you, my race calendar is noticeably empty so that definitely helps take the pressure off. I’m hoping for a 5k or 10k later this spring.

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