Planning our first family Walt Disney World Trip.


abbydisneyIn just 28 days, we will be packing up the car, driving two hours north, and starting our first Walt Disney World Vacation as a family of three! Although I’ve been countless times before (and technically, Abby’s already been to Walt Disney World AND Disneyland) it will be the first time for us all together – plus, it’ll be even more fun since my sister will be flying in from Seattle to join us!

For this trip, we’ll be staying two nights at our DVC home resort, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – and living it up in our first experience staying at Club Concierge level (the only other time we’ve had club access was on our wedding night at The Grand Floridian, which was a super nice surprise upgrade, so I am excited for this). The main purpose of this trip was to coincide with the Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side Weekend – I’ll be running the 10K on Saturday morning – but later, I found out that there would be a Dapper Day going on, too, so we’re excited for that!

I just ordered our magic bands for the trip, and am in the process of changing over my Annual Pass – but am way behind in booking any dining/fastpasses! It’s funny – I am really good at helping others with planning advice, but this trip seemed to sneak up on us, somehow! I guess having a newborn around contributed 😉

One of the nice things about this trip is that it’s very laid back – and at Abby’s age, I am totally aware that she will very likely not remember this momentous occasion (though there will certainly be a large amount of photographic evidence – obviously). I look forward to taking her back to visit as much as possible before she turns 3 and has to start paying admission, haha!

So, other than planning ahead that we’ll be moving slower, doing less, and definitely utilizing the Baby Care Center – what are your tips for visiting Walt Disney World with a young infant?


  1. Make sure you take a stroller! You know how hot it gets here, so baby-wearing could make both of you really uncomfortable during the day. There is never a line for the changing table in the men’s restrooms, so your hubby will want to take over diaper duty 🙂 You probably know this, but they embroider baby’s first pair of ears for free. Be prepared that you will now start watching your daughter more than you will watch the shows and attraction show scenes, and take tissues for the inevitable Disney mommy tears! ❤ Have fun! We've been taking Brady since he was 9 months, and the memories are amazing!

  2. I second the stroller. We tried to baby wear as much as we could when we went in December and our son got tried of being carried like that.

    We’ve gone twice with infants and we find that waiting until lunchtime/after lunch works great for getting to the parks. We’d spend the mornings enjoying the pool and our suite (and sleeping in!). It was way less stressful that way.

    • Thanks! I will be bringing both, as I usually wear Abby all day, but I know it’ll be hot to do so in the parks – plus I don’t want to wrinkle her princess outfit 😉 LOLL

  3. The baby care centers are nice. I checked out Epcot’s the other day and there’s a nursing mother’s room with chairs that’s darker so if you have a distracted baby like Lorelai has become, she’ll actually eat and not stare at everything else. They also have big changing areas and bathrooms for the parents and you can buy baby supplies without the line.

    However, you can nurse anywhere obviously so it’s up to you! I second the having your husband change the diapers – it definitely cuts down on the lines. Also, be careful of expensive strollers and valuables in strollers – the nice ones can be targeted and could disappear.

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