Odd and Inspired.

I’ve noticed that I often have my most “brilliant” ideas at points that are difficult to accurately record my thoughts – i.e. the shower, running – and sometimes, the things that pop in my mind don’t make quite as much sense once I do record them (if I can remember them) but for once, this idea is still clear in my mind, after a sweaty 6-mile treadmill run.

I won’t beat around the bush: 26.2 is on my mind.

To be honest, I did NOT expect this. Just a few months ago, I plotted out some running goals and a marathon was nowhere on my radar for 2016. But when I was running this evening, feeling that elusive and transcendent runner’s high – it struck me: marathoning has become a part of me.

2012-03-18 20.04.38
Me and my gal Lisa, post Shamrock Marathon, 2012.

This next foray into crazy will be marathon #15 (!) for me – something I never could have imagined. As I celebrate 6 years of running this summer, it honestly blows my mind just how much I’ve fallen in love with this distance.

So – what’s next? Well, first I need to decide what marathon I want to run, which should be quite a task in itself. Then, what will be my goal? What will be reasonable, in terms of training?

There are a lot of questions I definitely need to answer, but for now, I’ve got time. At the moment, I am stalking runningintheusa – so if you have a compelling reason I should run a specific marathon then, I’d be glad to hear about it!

What’s your big running goal for 2016?

For Reference (and to test my memory), My Marathons:

  1. The Richmond Marathon – Richmond, VA (2011)
  2. Yuengling Shamrock Marathon – Virginia Beach, VA (2012)
  3. Utah Valley Marathon – Provo, Utah (2012)
  4. Baltimore Marathon – Baltimore, MD (My PR) (2012)
  5. Three Bridges Marathon – Charlottesville, VA (2012)
  6. Walt Disney World Marathon – Orlando, FL (2013)
  7. The San Francisco Marathon – San Francisco, CA (2013)
  8. Space Coast Marathon – Cocoa, FL (2013)
  9. 26.2 with DONNA – Jacksonville, FL (2014)
  10. The Chicago Marathon – Chicago, IL (2014)
  11. Best Damn Race – Cape Coral, FL (2014)
  12. Walt Disney World Marathon (as part of Goofy Challenge) – Orlando, FL (2015)
  13. 26.2 with DONNA – Jacksonville, FL (2015)
  14. The Tokyo Marathon – Tokyo, Japan (2015)

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