Sew What?


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If we’re friends on Facebook, you may have seen my recent post expressing my interest in taking up sewing. I mean, I have long been a fan of crafting stuff (runDisney costumes, yoga mat bag, nook cover, etc) but these were all hand sewn projects. While they all had their charm, they definitely were time consuming and, shall we say, delightfully imperfect.

However, in more recent days, weeks, and months…I’ve found myself thinking more and more about this potential hobby (in all my “free” time, lol) and daydreaming about my ideal little space to create projects for Abby – things like bibs, burp cloths, cloth wipes, pacifier clip leashes, carrier covers…basically, things I’ve browsed on etsy, but often hesitate to pull the trigger on purchasing, thinking, “I bet I could make that.”

Sure, it’s easier to just buy those items, but I was thinking, if I started now with little projects, maybe by the time Abby got a little older, I’d have more skill and be able to create customized things for her. I know this will sound a little weird, but I always thought it would be cool to sew my future child’s Halloween costumes – I mean, way before I even thought about having a baby!

Anyway, I’m doing research on machines, and following lots of links that friends have provided to me about tutorials, instructions, and basics, and it’s pretty exciting. As much as it’d probably be ideal to take a class or two, I am not sure if I’d be able to swing that, time wise – maybe when I need to pick up more advanced skills, that’d be a good idea.

So (sew) – any other tips, links, or recommendations?



  1. Start with an easy project that has very few seams and curves. I have done alot of sewing and even smocked dresses when C was small. If you have questions feel free to email me, but really, if you start with an easy project it will make sewing much more enjoyable. Good luck and have fun. One other tip….wash all fabrics ahead of time with some vinegar in your washload to set the color. Otherwise you can have a mess, especially with dark cotton fabrics.

  2. I know you said you don’t have time for a class, but I was able to pick up the basics more quickly than spending the same amount of time struggling by myself. I think I spent 2 hours and walked out with a skirt, lol. Of course, I failed to follow up and practice, so maybe it’s time I dig out my sewing machine, too.

  3. My mom used to make all her clothes back in the 70s! I have a sewing machine but haven’t taken it out of the box. I forget how to do all the basics. I want to start with hems though. I have seen people buy things from a thrift shop and re-purpose them into new, fun items! I’d love to do that!

  4. I have thought the same exact thing ever since becoming a mom. I think it all started with our first Halloween and my desire to create the perfect costume. I have yet to pull the trigger so to speak and take a sewing class, mostly because I cannot commit the time, but I’m still hoping one day.

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