I’m a MommyCon Blogger!

Earlier this month, I was perusing the MommyCon Orlando Facebook page and happened upon a post about their Blogger Collective program. Since I was already planning on attending, and my blog content has become more mommy-centered, I decided to go out on a limb and apply!

mommycom.jpgWell, the deadline for submissions passed just over a week ago, and yesterday, I was excited to receive an email from the MommyCon Media Team that started, “Invitation to Join the MommyCon 2016 Blogger Collective” – I was STOKED!

 So, what is MommyCon?

MommyCon is a “boutique-style” conference that focuses on natural parenting through focused seminars, workshops, speakers, and hands-on sessions regarding a variety of topics, including, but not limited to: parenting choices, babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering and more – in other words, right up my alley!

Purchase your tickets today!

Currently, MommyCon makes stops in 7 states – and luckily for me, Florida (and more specifically, Orlando) was added to the roster just last year.

I am super excited to take part in my first mommy-centered conference, and share my experience on the blog – and I’d love for YOU to follow along with me!

What does a MommyCon blogger do?

As a member of the MommyCon Blogger Collective, I am tasked to share information about my local event, build excitement, and promote MommyCon as a whole. In exchange, I will be given a Media Pass for my local event, as well as a special promotional code for my readers ($5 OFF with SHIAWASELIFE16), and an opportunity to earn a percentage from ticket sales made through my code, determined by volume.

Although we are not required to extensively blog about our event, I hope to share as much information as possible, regarding important dates, speaker and seminar announcements, product features and more on the blog, in addition to a recap following the event.

What’s Coming Up?

  • April 2: MommyCon Seattle is taking over – if you’re interested in attending and haven’t yet bought your tickets, I found a ticket giveaway that expires tomorrow, so enter now!
  • May 27-29: WEAR Babywearing Conference in Chicago
  • June 25: MommyCon Austin
  • July 9: VIP Sessions registration for MommyCon Orlando!!
  • July 23: MommyCon DC
  • August 20: MommyCon OC
  • September 3: MommyCon Orlando

Register for all events here and be sure to use SHIAWASELIFE16 for $5 OFF!*

* Have a big group (20+) and looking for group discounts? Let me know! 

But wait, there’s more!

Keep an eye out on my blog this summer – I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY of two general admission tickets to any MommyCon event!

Want to learn even more?

Being part of a collective is perhaps the part I am most excited about with this opportunity, as I learn and share with a team. So, please – leave your questions for me here about all things MommyCon, or if you’d prefer, tweet me at @krissymmurphy or email me, khiguchi at gmail dot com! If I can’t find the answer, I’d be glad to find out for you!

Have you ever been to a parenting conference?




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