What’s in Abby’s Easter Basket?

Happy Easter!Iabbybasket2.jpg

At just under 4 months old, there’s not a lot of things Abby will be likely to remember about this Easter, but I still wanted to make it fun! So, I gathered a few items for her basket and took a few pictures with dresses that Grammy sen, so maybe a year from now, we can look back and see the way we celebrated.

Putting together her basket was really fun. The basket itself was upcycled from a flower arrangement we received from her Great Aunt Liann when we first brought Abby home, and the paper grass was leftover from the Easter package we sent to Aunt Jenni.

For Abby’s Easter presents, I selected a few practical items that were fun for her basket, but everyday enough that they’ll get good use, including:

  • Infantino Traveling Duo toys – a bunny and a bird toy with a variety of elements – crinkly parts, a wooden teething ring, soft plush features, and rattle. Abby is starting to grab a lot, so these abby's basketwill be fun for her to play with both at home, and on the go!
  • Footie Jammies – every night, choosing PJs is part of our bedtime routine! We usually set out a few and Abby “picks” which ones she wants to wear – zippered jammies are mommy’s favorite, and this set is really soft cotton!
  • MAM pacifiers – these are Abby’s preferred pacifiers, and I found a duo set in MAM’s signature “sanitizing” case.

As I type this, Abby is napping in her Kinderpack, so I suppose this morning’s Easter “EGGcitement” really wore her out! Tomorrow, I may venture to the store for after-Easter sales to assemble hubs a special basket of his own, with candy and treats 😉

What treats were in your basket this morning?

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