Giving Up on Cloth Diapering

EDITED: GOTCHA! My first successful April Fool’s Post 😉 

Well, we gave it a good shot! Almost 4 months is better than nothing, right?


I mean, keeping up with an infant is challenging enough – why add stress like doing more laundry? I mean, I have tons of space in my house to fill with boxes upon boxes of diapers, right – that’s why we bought a big house.


On top of that, cloth diapers are so darn confusing. Snaps? All in ones? Velcro? AI2? And you know what, I’ve had to spend so much money on super special detergent for cleaning the diapers! 170946154

Plus, it’s been said that because cloth diapers are so bulky, they can cause developmental delays, like starting to walk later. I feel like a terrible mother for making my child suffer through this.

Over the next few days, I will be doing a a deep clean of our washer because all those dirty diapers really destroyed it. I will probably have to spend several hundred dollars getting it professionally serviced. In fact, I will probably have to just buy a new one!

And…you’re seeing right through this now, right? 😉

april fools.jpg

Haha! Happy April Fool’s Day! Did you even believe us for a minute?

We are loving cloth diapers more than ever, and in fact, we just might have one coming in the mail today to celebrate! That being said, we realize every family situation is different, and we certainly know cloth diapering is not for everyone.

On that note…anyone know if anywhere takes donations of opened diaper packages? We have Pampers and Babyganics Size 1 from our trip to Jacksonville in February that could use a new home 🙂





  1. Have you checked all the shelters in your area? We have a home for unwed mothers through a church that will take pretty much anything you have.

  2. Good one Krissy! The minute I started reading this, I was like “wait a minute…Krissy is not a crazy diaper hoarder.” 🙂

    • Haha! I was so proud of myself for coming up with an AFD post…I have failed every year lol.

  3. Try donating to your local women’s shelter or if you have a Ronald McDonald house in the area, they would love them. Or, what about a diaper bank?

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