Packing for baby & a racecation!

It’s been a few weeks since our last WDW trip prepping post, so I thought I’d write the update. I’ve been doing tons of laundry, packing, and preparing, and thought a visual guide would help – as well as be fun to share on the blog!

First off…our Magic Bands!


We’ll be staying on property (Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge) so we customized our complimentary Magic Bands for the visit – which so happened to be the same time the new PURPLE band was released – whoo! I just checked in online as well, and we received an email this week that indicated we *may* be able to skip the front desk on check-in day (instead, we’d receive a text about our room), so I am interested to see if that works out!

Next…Abby’s outfits!


We have no shortage of cute Disney outfits, and believe it or not, these are just the backups/change of clothes options for our park days, since we’ve got some extra special pieces of apparel for Abby to wear for her first visit. The great thing about baby clothes is that they’re so small and packable, so we always have 1-3 outfits in a packing cube in the diaper bag to tote along.

Speaking of extra special…

costumesWhen I found out that Dapper Day would be going on the weekend we were visiting, I knew we had to get involved! So, my sister and I will be wearing matchy dresses, and Abby will be coordinated in this adorable red number. And that adorable Jasmine costume? I mean, Abby just looks so cute in teal, I couldn’t help it!

Of course, I am doing practical packing, too.

diapersAfter our trip to Jacksonville back in February (and some not so magical experiences with disposable diapers) we will be traveling with a modified version of our diapering set-up!

Although we will be staying in a 1-bedroom villa (with access to a washer and dryer in our room), carting around dirty diapers doesn’t sound super appealing, so  for our park day, we will be using some of our favorite diaper covers paired with flip disposable inserts. They’re made from organic cotton and are so soft – plus, no smelly additives, dyes, or other icky stuff. I’ll also be bringing along at least three wetbags – they always come in handy! For hanging around the resort and overnight, we’ll have our regular cloth diapers – no point in messing around with what works, is what I say 🙂

Some other stuff…

extrasAccessories for all of Abby’s potential outfits are important, right? Haha. Plus, little crib shoes and a hat (not pictured: baby sunglasses – and yes, she actually keeps them on most of the time – and light muslin blankets for the stroller, since Abby is still too young for sunscreen but we need to protect her sensitive skin)!

Additionally, after careful consideration, we’ll be bringing both Abby’s stroller and her baby carrier (Kinderpack with Koolnit). We’ll drive to the park so we don’t have to worry about folding and unfolding the stroller (it’s pretty unwieldy) and Abby still rides in the infant seat, so it would be a bit of an undertaking to deal with it all on the Disney busses. Bonus, we can tote along more since there is a big storage area under the stroller, for diaper bag, extra blankies, and baby carrier (which I can take out for when we get in lines/go inside buildings).

Darth Ursula!

Aside from Abby things, of course, I will need to remember to pack all my running stuff. Thankfully, I decided way back when I registered to run just the 10K, so I just have to pack one running outfit (of course, I put together a costume, duh), plus running shoes. I’ll put those all in the suitcase tonight.

So, those are all the things we’ve got packed and ready to go! Of course, there are a lot of other things I am lining up that are not as fun to look at, but are nevertheless important:

  • Pack and play sheet (many recommended bringing one for the pack and play provided in the room)
  • Small cooler bag to bring some extra breastmilk (hubs will be watching Abby when I run the 10K on Saturday morning)
  • Breast pump (will use my trick from my last race to empty out before running, LOL)
  • Bottles (see above)
  • Some protein bars for park/pre and post race (since I am super hungry 24/7 these days)
  • Extra pacifiers
  • Device chargers (since we’ll be taking tons of pictures all weekend!!!)

I am also super excited that I found a really cool beauty case (it’s this one) at a consignment shop yesterday, brand new, for just $9. This should help with keeping all our toiletry essentials organized (a definite step up from our standard ziplock gallon bags, lol).

Well, I hear the dryer buzzing…gotta keep moving! Friday will be here before we know it!

Do you like packing for trips?

One comment

  1. That’s definitely a lot of stuff, but I feel like it’s comparable to what we bring for relatively smaller trips. I kind of have the hang of it after a couple of short trips, but we’re doing 4 days next month, so we’ll see how that goes especially now that he’s older. Our car is always full of his stuff, especially the Pack N Play and associated mattress (makes a huge difference). Also, we weaned about 3 months ago, so while that’s fewer bottles/pump stuff involved, now I gotta worry about bringing milk along.

    And then when it comes to me, I can cram all my stuff in a backpack, HAH.

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