Happy 5 Months, Abby!


Today is May 8th –  Mother’s Day (I have a whole other post for that!) and Abby’s official 5-months!

Just a quick update, but there are a few fun things to share:

  • Abby is now 15.2 lbs! Crazy, she’s almost tripled her birth weight.
  • Still no teeth, but Abby loves to blow bubbles with all her extra spit!
  • She can sit up for about a minute unassisted, and she really loves standing! Of course, I need to help her by holding her hands, or helping her lean against something.
  • Abby has officially been sleeping in her own room for two months now, and wakes up 1-2 times a night, sleeping about 11.5 hours, and has even started taking 30-40 minute day naps in her crib.
  • We’ve gone from upward of 12-15 diaper changes a day (in her little days), to 8-10, since she loves to go on her little potty.
  • We bought Abby her high chair this past month, and she sits with us at breakfast and dinner time. She seems interested when mommy is eating, though we won’t start her on solids ’til at least 6 months.
  • Abby loves giggling and throwing things (especially pacifiers and toys).

Since our last monthly update, Abby has visited Walt Disney World twice, and did great with meeting characters! Her favorite? Definitely Jasmine!


She is growing so much everyday – both in size, and in her curiosity toward the world. It’s really incredible.



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