Happy Mother’s Day.

I never dreamed of becoming a mother.

Yes, it’s hard to believe now, as I post the 798th picture of my child on Instagram, start every other sentence with some sort of brag related to her development, or read the upteenth safety review of some new baby gear, but there was a time, even recently, that I didn’t really consider that I’d be a parent one day, let alone a stay-at-home mom.

Truthfully, I felt very similarly about my wedding – I never played make believe as a bride, clipped photos of wedding dresses, or thought about the music for my first dance. Yet, when the time came, I plunged headfirst into it all. In fact, planning our wedding was the reason I ever started blogging in the first place, so I suppose this should not come as a surprise to me.

But, back to the subject of this post.

This year, I am happy and proud to be celebrating my first Mother’s Day. It’s a crazy feeling, that this time, last year, only a small handful of people knew that a little baby was growing in my belly, and last Mother’s Day, I shared with my own mother that she was going to become a grandmother. I know it sounds cheesy, but I feel like that was the moment that it became real, and that I knew my life was changing forever.

I was on Facebook recently and saw my friend Laura post this:

“If I do nothing else in this life, being [her mother] is my greatest accomplishment.”

Truer words could not have ever been spoken.

Before I became a mom, I admit I sometimes rolled my eyes at such sentiment, and even scoffed. Sure, I thought, having a kid sounds well and fine, but if I never do, at least I have other things I enjoy – I have two dogs, I have hobbies…

And for some, it probably is just fine. But, gosh darn it, words cannot begin to explain just how much one tiny person can cast a spell of love on you.

Life is 10,000x times harder, but 20,000x more amazing.


Thank you, Abby, for letting me experience this.

I love you, and I love being your Mommy.

Happy Mother’s Day Day to all ❤


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