Smart Bottoms Addict.

The first step is admitting you’re an addict, right?


Okay, that feels good.

So, y’all already know I am a crazy cloth diaper mom. I mean, I have a section devoted to it on my blog. I guest-posted on one of my favorite Cloth Diaper blogs recently. I have this weird love for these colorful poop and pee catchers – and yes, I admit it’s weird to love something so much that literally gets pooped in.

But, it gets worse better.

See, before Abby was even born, I bought a mix of several brands and types of diapers. Some I bought after extensive research about their absorbency, ease of use, or value….some, I bought since I got good deals on them on Zulily. And yet, one I bought for one reason, and one reason alone.

It was cute.




Last Unicorn – our first SB.

This diaper, called Last Unicorn, by Smart Bottoms was just *too magical* to pass up. I added it to my basket while shopping online at Kelly’s Closet – I mean, it helped me earn a few more diaper dollars too, so yeah…

Now, it took a few months until I was able to test this magical unicorn on Abby, since it’s an OS (10+ lbs recommendation). And when I finally did, I was so excited! It was so cute. The colors. The polka dots. The unicorns. The….leaking?


It wasn’t dramatic, but this diaper leaked. It was the only diaper in my WHOLE collection to leak. I was soo sad. I mean, sadder than you should ever be about diapers.

But, just like magic, it all turned around one fateful day. I was on the chat group on Facebook for Kelly’s Closet, and someone was gushing about their love for Smart Bottoms. I honestly was flummoxed. How could this one diaper that gave me such bittersweet pain and emotion be the apple of someone’s eye? I mean, sure, some diapers work better than others for people, but as the comments of adoration piled up, I had to speak up...I replied that Smart Bottoms were NOT love for me – and I was considering selling mine.

That was the day Karla changed my life. #dramatic

She reached out to me, and offered her help in diagnosing my leak issue. She even personally checked out fit pictures I sent to her via FB messenger and did it with SUCH patience and kindness. We ascertained that along with a proper fit, and appropriate prepping, I’d likely have a better experience moving forward.


atomicI am not sure if the next wash was magically the 9th, or 10th (??) since these require a bit more prepping (washing and drying for increased absorbency) than others, but something CLICKED! Literally, overnight, Smart Bottoms became the one I reached for first, so as soon I reached my magical point allowance on Kelly’s Closet, I cashed in on a $10 gift certificate so I could buy my second Smart Bottom – the exclusive Atomic Blast, made just for Kelly’s Closet.

…and that is when I fell down another rabbit hole.


For the uninformed (as I was) – exclusives are special diapers made just for certain stores/retailers. So, in addition to the super cute regular lime up of solid and printed diapers, there was an entire universe of other diapers that you can purchase, treasure hunt-style – all over the Internet, and of course, in stores, too.

Tulip Adventure and Swashbucklers Adventure.

On Earth Day, I purchased My Sweet Balloons (as seen in the first picture of the post) from My Sweet Pickles – not only was it cute, but it was a great price. Then, a few days later, I was on Smart Bottom’s Instagram and saw yet another cute one – Tulip Adventure, from Lil Tulips, where I also fell in love with Swashbucklers Adventure.

They’re dangerous, these adorable diapers!

BeachBums__71207.1434851630.500.659I ordered just one more, Beach Bum, a special edition made just for Beach Bums Kailua of the same name in Hawaii (plus free shipping!!!) because it is seriously the cutest thing ever.

Since these OS diapers are rated to 35 pounds, I know that I will get great use out of them, plus, with their high quality organic cotton, and very awesome “Made in the USA” status, I feel good about this addiction.

I’m ordering just ONE more this week since I have another $10 gift card to spend, and I am thinking of getting a solid color this time, but I will be sure to keep an eye out for any other amazing exclusives…in fact, I thought I’d assemble a bit of a”wish list” of sorts of the many cute Smart Bottoms exclusives that I love. There are SO many though, so this is NOT an exhaustive list. However, if you don’t see one you think I’d love, feel free to let me know.*

My Smart Bottoms LOVE list

Do you collect anything?

* I am purposely not including Exclusives that are no longer available for purchase, because I am not a believer in paying over retail for diapers 😉

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