$10 for 10 Years of DONNA!

CONGRATULATIONS, RICK STILES! Please email me outrunmonorail at gmail dot com to receive instructions on how to redeem your registration 😀


Tomorrow, May 23, registration opens for the 10th running of 26.2 with DONNA – and I am so very excited!

26.2 with DONNA, 2015.

After a year off from the full marathon (I have to admit, I am still pretty shocked I was able to eek out 13.1 this February), “excited” doesn’t even begin to describe how  I feel about running 26.2 miles again for this very special race.

2017 will not only mark my triumphant run to my favorite racing distance, but, as mentioned above, it will be a truly epic weekend, as the race celebrates TEN amazing years of changing lives, raising funds, and working toward FINISHING breast cancer.

Now, I have had the pleasure of serving as an Ambassador for this incredible event for the past three years and plan on applying once again, but I gotta say – I am kind of sweating it! Last year, the team REALLY stepped it up with raising awareness and funds and, as a group, we raised almost $40K – and let me tell you, I have been scheming up ways to try and fundraise to that incredible superstar level of my colleagues ever since I crossed this year’s finish line, so I thought…why not try and kick it off NOW a little early – maybe earn some brownie points to get on the 2017 team?

So, starting NOW (as soon as you finish reading this post, anyway), I am hosting a fundraising kickoff AND giveaway! Through Wednesday, June 1, you can enter to win a FREE registration to the race event of your choice (anything from 5K to the marathon) with a donation of $10. So, if you donate $20, you get two entries, $30, three, etc.


If you’re interested in the new challenges, I’ll cover the cost up to the marathon ($75). If you’re thinking of fundraising yourself for the Fundraiser experience, I’ll cover that $50 fee.


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