A Very Merry Half Birthday!


Happy Six Months, Abby!

This past month has proved to be the fastest and most eventful so far! Since our last update, you’ve done so much and grown even more – physically and developmentally!

  • You went on your first plane ride, to stay with grandma!
  • You met your great-grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins in Iowa
  • You learned how to roll back to tummy, after more than a month of just tummy to back…and now, you roll clear across the room!
  • You can sit up unassisted for a much longer period of time, and even can sit in restaurant high chairs now
  • Your favorite thing to do is stand up (with mommy or daddy’s help, of course)
  • You’ve started petting the dogs
  • You nap at least twice a day, 45 minutes each – we’re getting better with these!!
  • You’ve REALLY discovered your voice and LOVE to giggle!
  • You love shaking your rattle (instead of just throwing it!), and
  • You experienced your first storm of the 2016 hurricane season (thankfully, it was just rain and wind here)
“Breakfast at Mom’s”

Tomorrow, we will go in for your 6-month check up and I know I am very interested to see how much bigger you’ve gotten! Your infant carseat is supposedly rated to 35 lbs, but it seems uncomfortable to you now, and we’ve ordered you a new convertible one, which should arrive any day now. Also, we look forward to getting the “okay” from the doctor to start taking you out with the jogging stroller AND starting you on solid food, too.

Each day, we see more of your personality forming, and it is just so exciting. Each month is better than the last!!


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