Updates (& a Giveaway)!

UPDATE: A winner has been drawn!

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Congrats, Kara! Please send me an email (khiguchi at gmail dot com) and I will get your information necessary to get your tickets to you 🙂

Hellllooooo…is this thing on?

Okay, so blogging has definitely fallen off the wayside recently, but have no fear, that just means life has been busy, fun and exciting! Since we last checked in…

  • I’ve been back to running, finally! Between stroller runs with Abby and solo runs after she’s gone to bed, I’m hitting the road at a goal of three times a week. It’s hot as HECK, but it feels good to be at it!
  • Abby’s started solid fostyleeatods! Since the weekend following her 6-month milestone, Abby has ventured into the world of big-girl eating. For now, it’s only one meal a day (in addition to her regular nursing) but she’s tried a variety of items, including bananas (liked), avocado (hated), scrambled eggs (thrown at the dogs, results inconclusive) oatmeal (loved), mango (loved), and her very favorite, sweet potato!
  • and speaking of solid foods – now that Abby’s expanded her palette beyond breastmilk, her – erm- waste has changed, too. As a cloth diaperer, this is often the phase that can make or break the experience for many (read: spraying poopy diapers) but with the help of our Elimination Communication work, we’re not only down on diaper usage (average 8 changes a day, with 4 to 7 diapers actually used), but she’s quite regular so we can often ‘plan’ her poop time accordingly. Abby is so proud to poop on her potty!
  • Abby moved up to a convertible high chair – after much research and deal-searching, we decided on the Graco Extend2Fit, and I installed it yesterday. Abby loves being up higher and seeing out the window, as well as the roomier fit of the chair. Also, it’s good for sleeping in, apparently.

So, yes, all is well in Shiawase Life world, and we are getting excited for some new upcoming things, too! Tomorrow, my mom flies in for a 3-week visit, and in a week, VIP registration opens for Mommycon Orlando ! On top of the awesomeness that is Mommycon, VIP is an extra tier of awesomeness from participating sponsors (previous events have included Ergobaby, Cotton Babies, Tekhni wraps and more) on top of your General Admission.

But wait, you say you have not yet purchased your admission?


As part of my partnership in the Blogger Collaborative with MommyCon, I am EXCITED to be giving away not one but TWO general admission tickets to MommyCon Orlando, which is taking place Saturday, September 3!

Giveaway banner for social media contests and special offer. Vec

Instead of doing one of those rafflecopters or random number generators, or anything like that, I thought I’d make the giveaway fun – so if you’re interested in joining me at MommyCon Orlando, just leave a comment below  with the name of a song/book/movie that describes you as a parent…and why!

I can’t wait to see the answers!

Winner will be announced on TUESDAY, JULY 5, so be sure to enter by midnight on the 4th of July!!

Remember, you can also use SHIAWASELIFE16 for $5 OFF your registration to ANY MommyCon event. Feel free to share this discount code!!!


  1. An old DMX song describes it best….”y’all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here!” Because having 2 toddlers so close in age is crazy most days!

  2. Fight song. That might sound ridiculous but I feel like my entire journey to and through motherhood has been a huge fight. From infertility to loss to major health issues with my living children. It’s been tough. But they are worth it all. 💗

  3. Never Grow up by Taylor Swift. Because I always tell my little guy to stop growing. But of course he doesn’t listen, he just turned one!

  4. the song that comes to mind is “Mama said there would be days like this!” Being a mom is challenging sometimes, my mom passed away when I was pregnant with our last little one, over a year ago:( everyday I find myself saying or doing the things she said and did! Never knew my life could change so much! So blessed to have her for so long to teach me to be a great mom! Thank you so much for this chance!

  5. Have you seen that movie “Away we go”? It perfectly describes the relationship my husband and I have found ourselves in throughout different phases of our time together. It is one of our favorite movies and has a warm spot in my heart!

  6. I guess I am going to pick a movie.. Return to Zero. If you’ve never seen it, it’s about a couple who loses their first child and then struggles in the aftermath before having their rainbow baby. I highly recommend it (but be prepared with tissues). MommyCon Orlando is taking place over my birthday which is also the anniversary of my first sons passing. We want to get away and take our rainbow baby to check it out!

  7. “Shake it off” By Taylor Swift is probably my mom song. My 2 year old throughout the day finds ways to drive me crazy and all I can do is Shake it off.
    If I wasn’t expecting it’d probably be
    Champagne Supernova lol!

  8. I pick movie…Clueless! Even though she is 6, I still feel like have no idea what the heck I am doing.

  9. Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift – I hope my girls enjoy spending their days with me at home, because I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wish they would never grow up somedays, but I cherish their growth and development each and every day. I just can’t help grasping at the memories of them being little. ❤

  10. Lilo and stitch because no matter how hard parenting gets i stand my ground and try find the brighter things about being a parent instead of becoming frustrated

  11. Guardians of the Galaxy. My children are more than my world, they are my galaxy! And as a parent, I do everything in my power to keep them safe- to the point of obsession. Car seat safety makes me have anxiety attacks!

  12. I am sitting here thinking about what to write and I keep going back to one of my favorite movies. Fly away home. I will always be there for my children no matter what. I am not sure they will ever be able to fly to nest though lol.

  13. Happy by pharrel. My son loves music and every time I play this song he just hops around and goes all crazy. Makes us both laugh uncontrollably. We are currently stationed in NC. But my home town in Brandon Florida. I wouldn’t mind making the trip 🙂 this was very nice of you. Thank you! Xo

  14. “Mission Impossible”!!! I have such high standards for myself as a parent and often they’re not realistic.

  15. The giving tree.
    I will give them my all, until my all is gone, and even then I will try to find a way to give them more.

  16. My song would be “A Thousand Years.” I had known that I wanted to be a mom since toddlerdom, but life throws you curveball. I was TTC for 13 years, my ex husband and I were unsuccessful and ended our marriage 7 years in… and my current husband and I spent 6 years TTC, suffered through 3 miscarriages, and lost 4 angels (all blighted ovum with no heartbeat) on our road to be parents. We were given less than a 10% chance of having a healthy baby with the help of fertility, and a less than 1% chance of having a full term child without. Fifteen months after the devastating prognosis and 3rd miscarriage, we found ourselves pregnant again. I couldn’t let myself get excited, because I was too scared of never seeing an elusive heartbeat. Going into that 1st ultrasound was so riddled with fear and grief…. but there was a beating heart! Fly past 7 more months of rough pregnancy, and there was my little, miracle rainbow boy on my chest! I had waited my whole existence for him. I have loved him and will love him for all eternity. He may not have healed the woulds from losing his 4 siblings, but he has given me the love and strength to deal with the loss. I have loved him for a thousand years, and I will love him for a thousand more.

  17. Oh I would love to go! Our song is definitely Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” – we play it often. Someone’s I just need to demons myself that everyone is gonna be alright. 😉

  18. If I pick a song it would be halo by Beyonce for our son we lost to sids seven years ago, our first boy and third child… The song was actually released the morning of his funeral and at at the last minute we changed the the the song they played during the service to that.. We now have 3 girls and had another boy two years ago and we are FINISHED, lol.. So to sum up my life now I’d pick the movie madhouse … Says it all 😲

  19. Book: Toddlers are a**holes! By Bunmi Laditan
    My 3 year old represents that book from time to time.

  20. “She’s a Bad Mamma Jamma” lol… Single mom of 2, full-time paralegal, and in training for my first ever fitness competition!

  21. Just dance. My entire life is dedicated to my daughters. I have fought very hard for my four girls to be able to love the life they live . All I want for them is to feel care free. Not to stress. To be proud of themselves and know that no matter what bump they hit in life , they are strong young woman and they have the fire of their Momma and our graceful Lord behind them.

  22. I hope you dance is mine. My mom has always dedicated it to myself and my sister and now having a little girl i finally fully understand why ❤

  23. The book I would chose is Love you Forever. My children are 9, almost 2, and I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant. Even though they have such an age difference they both still love to cuddle at night. They may test their boundaries daily but I am always going to love them no matter what they do.

  24. I would say the movie Jurassic Park. With three boys aging from 8,4,3 with another on the way. Most days its about survival and watching them tear each other apart by fighting. And yes there are times there are blood. But like the dinosaurs they are so amazing to look at and watch when they are playing nicely together. I love my boys!!

  25. Finding nemo comes to mind because of the current freedom vs. Helicopter society we live in. I’m much more like the sea turtle (Crush) parent and my husband is more like Nemo’s dad. It’s probably a pretty good balance 🙂

  26. Hmmm…. I’d have to say the country song “Let Them Be Little” describes my philosophy on parenting. I’m a first time mom but my little guy is already almost one! This year has gone by so fast and I want to cherish every moment. I let him be little because I know he’ll be big all too fast. ♡

  27. The book Go the F**k To Sleep! Love the video where Jennifer Gardner reads it! Lol. My toddler has taught his sleep since birth-he didn’t take a nap or close his eyes except to blink for over 15 hours and has always slept less than recommended hours. He will lay in his bed at night talking to himself for sometimes 3 hours after bedtime!! Now with a new one due any day I need my sleep more than ever! Lol. But after reading this book I replay it in my head every am, nap, and bedtime!

  28. The song that keeps me sane as a mom of 3 boys is “somewhere over the rainbow” all of my boys love it, and it reminds me to keep my head up!

  29. “put me in the zoo” by Dr. Seuss. I have many talents, I can change my spots for many different situations. And when we really get down to it, I really am perfect for the circus 😆

  30. A song that would describe my life as a parent with a new baby would be Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks. The key message in the song is “how long do you want to be loved? Is forever enough, is forever enough?” This little person came into my life unplanned but she fits perfectly. The emmense love I feel for her is overwhelming but welcomed. Sure it gets difficult at time and I rarely know what I’m doing, but we wake up everyday to a new one and make it better than the last. I’m constantly thinking/worrying and downright obsessing over this perfect little girl.

  31. A book called “The Giving Tree” best describes me as a parent. Just like the tree in that book, I’ll always give all I can to see my daughter happy. And also like the tree was for the boy in the story, I’ll be present and available for my daughter as she grows up and starts her own life. It’s a bittersweet and lovely book!

  32. The song You’re Going to Miss This.

    Every day I think about the things I’m going to miss as they get older, even on the crazy days.

  33. Ohhhh… I want to go to MommyCon! That’s a really tricky question! Right now Annalynn’s favorite book is 1-2-3 Peas, which might be a perfect descriptor because it turns counting into a fun sing-song book. It’s catchy, lively, and everything i hope to be as a parent. I want to teach lessons in fun, memorable ways that allows my daughter to be her.

  34. Your gonna miss this.. I already miss what my son was doing a month ago and a month before that. I try to cherish every second knowing what he does today he may not being doing tomorrow.

  35. My pick is the old hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” because I absolutely have to lean on the Lord or there’s no way I’d survive this whole parenting craziness 😂

  36. Moment like this by Kelly Clayson. After having a miscarriage my husband and I struggled to get pregnant for almost 3 years. I was so sick the first half of pregnancy and was anxious something would go wrong. Finally May 19 2016 I met my rainbow, my princess and cried when they placed her on my chest and I could finally give her a kiss. A moment like that I’ll never forget.

  37. In my daughter’s eyes by Martina McBride because no matter how many times I think I have failed or done it wrong or want to give up on their eyes I am their hero I am there saving grace I am there everything. Whenever I’m down & wanna give up their smiles & laughs remind me why I can’t.

  38. Its an older song, but I always related to Reba’s “I’m a survivor” When I first heard it, I was a single mom working as a teacher and also tutoring after school to go from having WIC to saving up to buy my first home. Later, it would mean surviving in law drama, child loss though stillbirth, pregnancy loss and then losing my mom before she could meet her only granddaughter. I keep on trucking though and finding joy in life. This will probably be my last mommycon since my daughter is turning two just a few days after mommycon and I don’t think we are having any more. One last mommy hurrah 🙂

  39. A Goofy Movie describes my parenting. I’m sure I embarrass my kids when I huh & kids them in front of their friends. I don’t want them to grow up! There is always something silly going on around here, we fight and argue but still love each other and just like any Disney movie there is at least one musical number here everyday. Life with 4 kids sure is an adventure and I must be Goofy in order to survive.

  40. Happy by Pharrell..mostly because whenever it comes on we drop what we’re doing and dance 🙂

  41. Thank you for this opportunity! Hmm id have to say the book go the fck to sleep, because neither of my children sleep at night. Ok, that’s a half lie. My oldest sleeps, but takes forever to get into bed. My youngest just. Does. Not. Sleep. And with our third on the way, I definitely will not be getting any sleep. I guess I could apply if you give a mouse a cookie to my oldest. That book seems more fitting now that I think about it.

  42. song would be “welcome to the jungle” because my boys make me feel like I live in a dadgum jungle most days

  43. I sing a cover of Eddie Murphy’s song when I change my LO’S diaper. My girl has to potty all the time, potty all the time, potty all the tiiimmmmeee. Lol! Yep that’s my theme song. 😀

  44. i would have to say the Rascal Flatts song, “I Won’t Let Go”. It’s such a beautiful song that applies to how I feel about my two boys and husband. It’s one of my favorites.

  45. […] to have been the fastest one yet, and there have been a lot of big and exciting changes – many that we highlighted on the blog recently, but even more everyday fun ones, like Abby’s increased interest in playing with your puppy […]

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