Lucky 7.


Happy 7 months, sweet Abby!

This last month seems to have been the fastest one yet, and there have been a lot of big and exciting changes – many that we highlighted on the blog recently, but even more everyday fun ones, like Abby’s increased interest in playing with your puppy brothers, really getting to know her voice (and vocal range!!!) and learning “peek-a-boo!”

Thankfully for me, Abby still loves riding around in baby carriers, and we have a nice rotation that match each occasion – from walking the dogs, to shopping, running errands, or getting things done around the house. We can do a back carry now (with the Kinderpack) but we still love our front-carry snuggles the most – perfect for impromptu naps – which we’ve recently moved to three.

On the subject of sleep…well, that’s a roller coaster, but at the moment (knock on wood) it’s on one of the smoother courses. For a week or two there, we had somehow reverted to a kind of newborn sleep schedule (1.5 to 2 hour stretches!! Oyyyy) but the last two nights, we’ve hit 6+ hour stretches again! Wheee! We’re both much refreshed after those kind of sleeps!

Other fun stuff?

  • Grammy (my mom) is visiting for a few weeks so we’ve had fun with more voices at bedtime stories, playtime and more!
  • Abby is also doing some launch-style maneuvers and can move across the room with a modified army crawl/roll/wiggle.
  • We bought Abby a new book called “P-O-T-T-Y,” which you get to read/sing in the tune of “B-I-N-G-O” and she loves to hear it while doing her business on her little pink potty.

I just cannot believe how big Abby is, how much personality she is taking on, and how much fun we have 🙂 Each day is very special, but today, we’re celebrating even more – Abby and I went on a 7K run (that’s about 4.35 miles – our longest jog stroller outing!) and tonight, we’ll have coconut cake (she’ll get to play around / mush up frosting). ❤

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