Soarin’, Sweatin’ & Freezing…in Summer!


One of my favorite things about living in Florida is the flexibility of taking short trips to Walt Disney World. Just this week, we made the two-hour drive to Orlando for a quick day/overnight visit, and despite the heat and humidity, we had an absolute blast checking out some of the new offerings.

With my mom visiting, it was the perfect opportunity for a short girls trip. Last month, I was browsing availability on the DVC Member site and found a rare Boardwalk-view studio room at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas, so I jumped on it! I was also able to grab a Fastpass for the new “Frozen Ever After” attraction, and crossed my fingers about possibly having a chance to ride the newly-refurbished “Soarin’ Around the World” as well.

Sure, the trip would be hot, and sure, visiting with a 7-month old automatically slows the pace of any adventure, but with the right attitude and company, it can be (and was!) an absolute blast! Here are some of the highlights from our visit:

  • Staying in a Studio at the Disney’s Boardwalk Villas (BWV), Boardwalk-view: this was my third time staying at the BWV, and first time with Boardwalk-view. As you can see from the image above, the view is totally amazing! It was so cool seeing the action taking place right outside the window, and in the evening, you could relax and see the fireworks from Epcot (they were delayed from the rain the night we stayed there, so I actually got to see them from the room, which was nice). Additionally, our room had been recently refurbished, and we loved the new pulldown bed!
  • Frozen Ever After: I was a big fan of Maelstrom (the former Norway attraction), but I am not going to lie – I do love Frozen, too. So, I went in with a completely open mind, and guess what, I LOVED it! Of course, having a Fastpass was key to enjoying this experience for me (I waited maybe 3-4 minutes) but I thought the ride was cute and fun! Bonus? No more scary post-show (I admittedly used to skip that part from Maelstrom).
  • Abby’s 7-Month WDW Experience: this was Abby’s third visit to Walt Disney World, and a few things have changed since her first visit (at 4 months). This time, I blended some of our best practices from both visits and I think we had the best visit, yet! With our new, more portable stroller (we bought the Joovy Balloon) and baby carrier with mesh, we found the sweet spot for getting Abby around comfortably and as cool as possible. Also, between the two parks we visited (Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot), we found plenty of shaded benches for nursing, and we even checked out the DHS Baby Care center for a diaper change.
  • Soarin’ Around the World: I was really nervous about this one! As a former Soarin’ Cast Member and avid fan of the attraction, I knew, deep down, that it needed refurbishment – from the dirty projector, to the weird queue games, and of course, the very-needed third concourse – but I was *not* ready for a new film – even if it seemed to fit much more thematically in Epcot. Additionally, curiosity got the best of me, and I watched the new film on YouTube – and I reallllllly did not like it. Still, I promised to reserve judgement on it – and I am SOOOO glad that I did! The refurbishments really “plus” up the experience (it SMELLS new) and the new film is so much better in real life!! I was worried about the music/score (it sounded wonky and distorted on YouTube), and those worries were unfounded as well (phew). I will admit, some of the transitions between scenes were a little cheesy, but I was WOWed at the last scene (I will not ruin the surprise for anyone who hasn’t done this yet) and AUDIBLY gasped in glee! Oh, and by the way, we only waited less than the 35-minute posted wait time at 8 PM, so that was a great bonus.
  • Morning Run around the Boardwalk: running here is a tie with running at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness/Wilderness Lodge as my favorite place to log miles at the WDW Resort. A nice run from the Boardwalk, to DHS, the International Gateway at Epcot and back to Boardwalk made for a great 2.5ish miles!

This trip was short and sweet, and the perfect blend of fun and relaxation. Abby and I will be returning in September for a quick trip along with Mommycon, where we’ll look forward to checking out new additions to Disney Springs.

What are some of your favorite “local” or regional day trips?



  1. I liked the Maelstrom post-show! It showed more of the highlights of Norway than the rest of the Norway showcase. But I thought the Maelstrom ride itself was cheesy.

    • Sorry it took me 300 years to reply…I think it is the same length but it seemed longer to me by a little since I had seen the original so many times (probably 300 as well). LOL.

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