World Breastfeeding Week


Did you know that it’s World Breastfeeding Week? Yes! August 1-7, 2016, has been officially designated by the World Alliance of Breastfeeding Action (WABA) to raise awareness of the links between breastfeeding and Global Goals for Sustainable Development (GGSD) – read more about those here.

So, what am I doing to celebrate?

Well, continuing to breastfeed, of course! This week, Abby will be turning eight months and I am thrilled that we’ve been able to go this far in our journey!

Abby, at 8 Months

Since Abby was about 2 weeks old, I’ve tracked all of her statistics in an Android App called “Baby Tracker.” Although my dear hubby sometimes rolls his eyes at me that I still use it religiously, I am glad that I have – looking back at frequency charts for nursing, diaper changes, sleep, and pumped milk inventory – well, it just pleases my ever-loving sometimes-type A self ;)! Plus, it serves as an excellent reminder that YES, new parents – it IS overwhelming at first, and it never gets “easier” per se, but you do learn a LOT and yes you even get a little more sleep, too 🙂

  • As an 8-month old, Abby will nurse, on average, 8 times in a 24-hour period – this is as marked change from her itty bitty days, where the average was 12, and the max was once 22 (!!) times.
  • I still time our nursing sessions – we’re at around an hour a day now (down from 3 hours, as a 1-4 month old, with an all-time max of 4 hours and 54 minutes).
  • Through Abby’s first 6 months, I was pumping once a night to stock up a freezer supply – and once it reached 300 oz+, I realized I probably had more than I’d ever need – so I donated 150 through Human Milk for Human Babies, then cut out the pumping session. We sometimes dip into the supply to mix in with baby foods, but Abby hasn’t *had* to take a bottle in so long, so she is not used to them much anymore.
  • I have to admit, I was SCARED of her getting teeth (for obvious reasons) and now, she has TWO teeth…before you ask…YES, she has bit me. No, it hasn’t been traumatic enough for me to quit nursing 😉

In other news, I,  at almost 8-months post partum – believe that my supply has finally somewhat regulated and I can sleep the longer stretches Abby allows me to sleep (still not through the night, but we’re getting there) and I can even run most times without worrying about catastrophe! Haha.

Looking ahead, I have to admit I feel kind of sad about the thought of weaning – I never thought I’d enjoy this experience so much – but we’ll be ready to roll with whatever the future holds!


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