On the 8th.

888Eight months old on the eighth month and eighth day! Pretty special, right?

So, you know how I said last month went fast? Well, geez, what a doozy this past month has been! Just when I think I am starting to figure things out, Abby goes and learns something new, does something different, and just finds a new way to keep me on my toes…and (cheesiness alert) I just cannot imagine life any other way!

We haven’t done an official weigh in since her 6 month milestone, but I am guessing Abby is nearing 20 pounds now and is wearing 9-12 months clothing! She’s a big (and strong) girl, and has really improved her crawling technique as well – we’ve had to start the babyproofing, as she can crawl right out of her room into the living room or bathroom within mere seconds! Thankfully, we already had baby gates (we bought them for Dug in our last house).

Abby also loves exploring now – from the corners of her room (and all the toys, blankies and furniture in it) to the pup tails (watch out, Cosmo!) and the range of her voice. She babbles a lot, and is trying to mimic more sounds.

A few more things, as I try to remember them:

  • Abby has two teeth, on the bottom.
  • She can pull herself up to stand, and stand for about 1 second.
  • She loves “walking” with mommy and daddy.
  • She’s been sleeping a little better (not all the way through the night, but in 6-7 hour stretches at least).
  • She LOVES bubble mailer envelopes.
  • She HATES naps. This is becoming more of a struggle now that she’s becoming more mobile.
  • She still LOVES riding in the baby carrier <3. This makes mommy happy.
  • Abby loves bathtime!
  • She also loves to eat! We’re transitioning to two meals a day (along with nursing) and she’s trying more finger foods, like avocado, bananas, and peaches.

Abby really is just a fun-loving baby, and almost always is giggling or getting into mischief somehow…she’s a LOT more daring that I ever was (according to my mom) and she keeps us on our toes!



  1. She’s adorable! They change so quickly it’s crazy. I try to tell myself to live in each moment and not think about the next milestone because its truly never going to be the same. But it’s hard!!!

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