2016 Northwest Mothers Milk Bank – Miles for Milk Recap

nwmm4Three weeks ago, I was scrolling through Instagram, and on the Earth Mama Angel Baby feed, I saw something that drew my attention immediately: a cute, colorful image that invited me (yes, ME) to join in to the “Miles for Milk!”

It was the first time I had heard of this event (and, of the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank) but I knew that I had to get involved! I mean, helping babies, running, and cool swag? Although the ‘event’ was based in Portland, Oregon, we could participate from anywhere, so we were IN!

I set up my page, paid the ‘registration’ fee ($25 donation), and was ready to run! The way the event was set up, you could pick any distance (and date, between 8/1-14) to earn your medal, but I knew this was something I wanted to do with Abby, so we picked 5K, and August 8th.

NWMM3Our 5k was great! Of course, it was sunny and hot, but we streamed our Spotify runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon playlist and jammed out for 3.1 miles, then shared our picture with the organizer. A few days later, we received our swag bag and we were SO impressed with the contents that we wanted to run even more miles to share the experience with others!

Included in our registration fee, we received a race bib, medal, chapstick, a multi-use tube (headband, neck gaiter, beanie, etc) a race sign, and a voucher for us to shop at Columbia.com! Pretty awesome.

The day before we planned on doing another run in honor of the Northwest Mother’s Milk Bank, I saw that the $5K goal was surpassed, so we KNEW we had to log a few more miles…two more, in fact, for a little over 5 miles ran for ‘Miles for Milk!’

NWMMWe were so proud to rock out those miles, and so glad that we happened upon this awesome event and hope to participate again next year.

Thank you, Northwest Mother’s Milk Bank, and congratulations on reaching your fundraising goal!



If you would like to support Northwest Mother’s Milk Bank, click here.


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