9-Month Old Abby (+ her first haircut)


Broken record…but I am going to have to get used to having each month go faster than the last! We’re in MONTH NINE and Abby has officially been out of my belly longer than she was in! She is getting SOOOOOO fast at crawling, and has learned to jump in her crib, as well as climb in and out of her new little chair (as seen in picture above). We also bought her a little learn and play walker and when she pulls herself up, she attempts to RUN rather than walk with it. Oh boy!

Abby’s 9 Month Tidbits

  • We’re still at 2 bottom teeth. She seems to be sticking her hand in her mouth a lot and feeling around, but I haven’t seen/felt evidence of any new teeth yet.
  • According to our scientific scale (me holding her, then putting her down) Abby is at 21 lbs! Next week, we’ll be visiting the pediatrician for official stats.
  • Abby REALLY loves dancing! Whether it’s on her own (holding onto something, or laying down) or in the carrier, nothing makes her giggle and wave her hands around than hearing some upbeat music. We are tuned to the Disney Junior DJ Shuffle Spotify playlist at an hour a day (ironically, she or I have never seen any of the shows the songs are from, but we love them – I mean, they’re so catchy!)

On top of the daily fun we have going, we upped the excitement with a Mommy and Me trip to Orlando this past weekend for MommyCon and a little Disney magic (I mean, how could we not???) which included Abby’s first HAIRCUT!


I knew that I wanted to get Abby’s first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop, but wasn’t sure when she might be ready for one, so I had not made any reservations. However, in the past few weeks, her hair was starting to get a little crazy…longer portions on the sides, uneven in the back, and generally, a little wild – so, on a whim, we decided to try a walk-in and we were seated right away!

Norma, our stylist, was super patient and amazing! We chose the “First Haircut” package which includes the cut and style, a special certificate, a little pouch containing a lock of hair from the cut, and a special pair of mouse ears. Abby was a little perplexed about what was happening at first, but once Norma handed her a special Minnie toy, and she got settled in her booster seat, she was surprisingly calm as she received a (pixie) cut fit for a fabulous fairy – she even got pixie dusted (we’re still rinsing out the sparkles)!! This was such a fun experience to share, and for $25, you really cannot beat it!

Abby has really become quite the good little traveler, and I just love taking her to see new places…and I didn’t realize it until we returned, but at nine months, Abby has already been on four Walt Disney World Resort vacations…what a life! I am so grateful for each of these experiences with her, and look forward to so many more adventures.

When was your (or your child’s) first haircut?

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