18 Weeks to #15

Six years ago, I ran my first 5K…and in a little over three months, I’ll be running my 15th full marathon! Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

From Sarasota Half Marathon, 2015.

It’s still crazy to wrap my head around it. I mean, six years (out of 32) seems pretty insignificant in a way, but imagining life without running is…well, unimaginable! And of course, since I do everything BIG, marathoning has been my #1 love – there’s just something about 26.2!


This year (2016) has been my year “off” (the last marathon I ran was the Tokyo Marathon in February 2015) and I have been thankful for the break. Becoming a mom has definitely changed my approach to running, training and, well – life – but it hasn’t extinguished the flame at all!

Last October (when I was 7 months pregnant!) I was thinking about future running goals, and I have to admit, reviewing them today made me super excited since I feel like “on track” to achieving them. Back in May, I registered for Marathon #15, the Celebration Marathon on January 29, 2017 and as of this week, I’m in Week 2 of my 18-week training plan!

So, what kind of goals are we looking at for Celebration? As always, a tiered situation:

  • C goal: Finish strong!
  • B goal: Sub-4.
  • A goal: PR (sub-3:43)

I’m using Hansons Marathon Method again (the beginner plan – see my review on it from 2013 here) and though I’m nervous about getting all my runs in, I am so excited to be training again. And yes, as reflected in my A-goal…I am basing my training on a 3:40 goal time, which is 10-minutes slower than the last time I used this training plan. And, while I’d love to say that I’ll share updates here – I really don’t want to promise anything, haha! But, I’ll be sharing the journey on instagram, so be sure to follow there if you don’t already.

So, here’s to many (many) miles over the next few months!

Are you training for a fall/winter race?


  1. […] As previously mentioned, I am once again training with Hanson’s Marathon Method, and over the past five weeks, have been working on base building. Mileage has been “low,” though higher than where I had been over the summer, so it’s been a nice transition. Since the first five weeks were all easy runs, I’ve done a majority of them with Abby and the jogging stroller, which has helped me in my previous challenge of keeping “easy” runs truly “easy.” Additionally, the crazy never-ending summer has aided in that aspect, other than a few scattered days of moderately lower temperatures. […]

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