TEN months!


I seriously just had to review Abby’s nine month review because (again) I feel like the month just slipped away with breakneck speed – yow!

Our Abby is 10 months old now, and since our last update, we paid a visit to her pediatrician and learned that she in fact is ~22 lbs (90th percentile!) and 27.5 inches long. She also had her flu shot (and her booster comes next week) and didn’t even shed a tear! What a brave girl.

Since she just KEEPS ON GROWING (seriously, was she really the  baby born at 5 lb 12 oz?????) she’s wearing a variety of clothing sizes, depending on the brand. She can still fit into some of her nine-month onesies, but that cute little Minnie romper she’s wearing in the pic is 18-months, as well are two of her pairs of pajamas, and her Halloween costume – speaking of…OMG I can’t wait for her first Halloween! We’re planning on taking her to the mall for their trick-or-treat event, which should be a lot of fun 🙂

But back to her updates!

In the past month, two more teeth have come in – the top two (middle) teeth – and as such, we’ve added a new routine to our bedtime wind-down: tooth brushing! She seems to really enjoy it, especially the little “brushy brushy” sound.

Other fun stuff? In the past week, she’s learned how to clap her hands, and practices every chance she gets! “Dada” is still the only word she says consistently, but she has blurted out “BEYYY” when she sees a baby when you’re out and about, and it sounded like she was trying to say “HI” to someone today when we were shopping, thought it sounded more like HEEEYYYEEEEHHH.


Although Abby really dislikes bedtime, it has been so fun watching her reaction to her bedtime books change! When she was teeny she’d just lay there, and listen – then, when she got more mobile, she’d crawl around, paying half attention, but now, the words seem to “click” a little more in her stories, and she’s gotten more interested in illustrations and interactive elements. In the above picture, Hubs was reading “Guess Who“to Abby, and she seemed to JUST realize, after months of being read to, that each page has a little mylar mirror to look into! It was so cute! She was gripping the sides of the board book and seemingly amazed to find herself in the pages!


That sense of curiosity really cascades into her emerging personality and mannerisms – she is always game for trying something new to eat, pulling up on a different piece of furniture, or testing the limits of her own voice (she sure can make some crazy sounds!) She’s a handful, and she keeps me on my toes (literally, as she zooms around in her little car) but she always makes me laugh, smile, and proud to be her mom.

In less than a month, we’ll be headed on her first international trip (to Canada!) and I am so excited to see our family, discover a new destination, celebrate my sister’s wedding, and Abby’s (early) birthday!

Until next month…



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