Weeks 1-5, Celebration Marathon Training

So, I was *thinking* that I’d be able to update at least bi-weekly on training, but it seems that blogging keeps slipping lower and lower on my priority, so here it is, one month into marathon training, and Update #1!

imag9838As previously mentioned, I am once again training with Hanson’s Marathon Method, and over the past five weeks, have been working on base building. Mileage has been “low,” though higher than where I had been over the summer, so it’s been a nice transition. Since the first five weeks were all easy runs, I’ve done a majority of them with Abby and the jogging stroller, which has helped me in my previous challenge of keeping “easy” runs truly “easy.” Additionally, the crazy never-ending summer has aided in that aspect, other than a few scattered days of moderately lower temperatures.

As we move into November, and into the “body” of training workouts, I’ll be adjusting when/where I’m running. As long as I can swing them, I’d like to continue the easy runs with the stroller, but focus on speed workouts on the treadmill (likely early AM) and tempos either in the evening, or also on the treadmill. Also, I’ve updated my racing plans, and added the Hot Chocolate 15K in December to my line up (it was already scheduled to be a 10 mile day, so it couldn’t have been better timing!) and am excited to see how my training lines up with my goals in future runs.

Oh! One other thing. Last week, Abby and I were in Celebration for a friend’s baby shower, and I seriously got chills thinking that the next time I’m there, I’ll be running 26.2!

Next week, I look forward to running in cooler temperatures, as we’re traveling to Ontario and I’ve already laid out my “winter” running clothes in anticipation!

Now, it’s time to head to the grocery store (again) and get some more healthy fuel to keep this marathon training going! Whoo hoo!

Looking for more details my mileage/training data? Follow me on DailyMile!


  1. I am in AZ and we are just barely seeing some cooler temps too (starting today actually!), just in time for my taper. lol Good luck on building your mileage up and marathon 15!

  2. You will be so much stronger by pushing the stroller! It’ll make the other runs feel easy! Weather should be really nice for Celebration. I’ve run it the past 3 years and never had a hot race. I think the 2 lap course is nice. I loved being able to see my family so much on the course. I’ve followed your blog for awhile and enjoy it!:)

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