Eleven Months!

11This past Tuesday, Abby hit her 11-month milestone! We were still in Canada (visiting Niagara Falls, after spending an extended weekend in Toronto) and I *tried* packing light for the trip so I didn’t have my laptop to write an update – but here it is, now!

Just one month shy of a year, Abby has grown so much, both physically and mentally. She is extremely curious about the world around her, and wants to climb all over everything! She’s taken 3-4 steps at a time and is very interested in walking, though she still prefers her “speed crawl” to get around. This increased mobility has already started to transform her appearance, as her limbs are slimming down – I’m already mourning the chub!

Of course, that’s not to say she still doesn’t have squishiness – she does! This girl loves eating, and is now chowing down three meals a day, plus snacks. She enjoys both baby food pouches and finger foods, and especially loves eating the same things as me and hubs when we go out to eat at restaurants. One of her favorite foods are beets, which we all ate recently in a three-beet salad when we were in Toronto…yum!

Speaking of Toronto – she did incredibly on her first international trip, and was very adaptable to our “on the go” schedule over the entirety of the week. We only had one rough night (she just did NOT want to sleep!) and otherwise, it was great. She slept for most of both flights, was pretty relaxed in the car, and, happily, she did swimmingly as she met a plethora of friends and family members!

Sneak Peek of our amazing pics from Meg & Mike Photography

Although she’s a little less than a month out from turning one, we celebrated her early birthday while in Toronto, since family would be together. I was excited to surprise our guests with some of Abby’s one-year photoshoot images, and enjoy a fun afternoon of cupcakes and gifts.

I *KNOW* I say this every month, but each day, each week, and each month is better than the last. Seeing her really become “her own person” is indescribable and I feel so lucky to be able to live it everyday.


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