A Bear-y Special Visit.

Abby and her special bear.

Back in February, Grandma Jenny (my Mother in Law) – came to visit us and to see Abby for the first time.

Abby had a wonderful time meeting her Grandma, and they had lots of bonding time – singing, playing, and rocking in the chair. Of course, at just two months, Abby may not remember that first visit…but for Jenny, it was much more than hugs and snuggles.

You see, on her travels over, Jenny noted that when she passed through security, the wand was swept over an area of her body that had been in some pain (underarm/chest) and she found that really peculiar. So peculiar, in fact, that once she arrived back in Iowa, she was still thinking about it, so upon consult from both Eric and his sister (who is a nurse) she decided to have it checked out. Her unfortunate hunch was correct: she had breast cancer.

Now, this is not to say that TSA screeners can detect cancer tumors, but it IS to say this: Jenny believes that if it were not for her trip, and the events that followed, she may not have found out about the cancer until much later. Without going in to further detail, we are pleased to share that after a summer of radiation treatments and surgery, Jenny is doing much better and recovering well, although she still suffers from some lingering pain, post-op.

A month ago, Jenny visited again and this time, she brought a beautiful white bear, adorned with a pink ribbon around her neck. Although this special donated bear was given to Jenny as a token of hope, she decided to bring it to Abby. I cannot express how much this means to me, and when Abby gets older, I am happy that her grandma will be able to share the story with her, too.

It is stories like these that renew my commitment to working toward FINISHING breast cancer. In the four years that I’ve worked in fundraising for 26.2 with DONNA, the list of women I personally know that have been effected continues to grow – but so has our hope.

Thank you for sharing this story, and if you can, please remember that even $10 goes a long way. It’s $10 closer to the finish. —> DONATE TODAY.


  1. A beautiful story! Cancer, in all it’s many forms, seems to touch every family. Organizations like Donna have made significant contributions to finding cures. I hope Jenny continues her recovery and that all cancer becomes fully treatable and/or preventable.

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