Twelve Months!

Yes, Abby is turning one on Thursday. And yes, I am in denial!

At the Herschell Carrousel Factory, North Tonawanda, NY

I am working on a “ONE YEAR” post (in my head) but this past month has had a ton of fun happenings, so I thought I’d recap here while it’s still top of mind.

Abby chowing down at our Anniversary Dinner, 11/21

In the past month, we’ve traveled to Canada and back, celebrated me and hubs’ 7th anniversary, started attending a weekly “Baby Rhyme and Sign” program at the library, watched Abby’s first movie at the theater (Moana!)  and celebrated our first family Thanksgiving.

Playing with puzzles at the library
At the movies!

Abby is getting OH SO CLOSE to walking now – she’s walked halfway across her room a few times, but she gets a little flustered and shy when you make a big deal about it.

Additionally, overnight, as it were – her sleeping habits have started to improve. As almost 12 months now, she’s slept through the night just 5 times, but 2 of those were in the past few weeks. Most nights now, she’s up once and goes back down pretty quickly after being rocked or nursing briefly. Also, she napped for a full two hours this morning, which is INCREDIBLE for her (usually her naps last 40-minutes, almost exactly).

She still loves eating, and will try anything once. She loves pouches – especially ones with blends of fruits and veggies – and has just started eating Gerber “beanie” snacks – which she loves sharing with her brothers Dug and Cosmo, hah!

Speaking of the dogs, she’s been working at being more gentle with them and they all get along. I am so proud of them – before we brought Abby home, neither had much experience around young children, yet each day, they all get along. Of course, at the end of the day (after Abby’s gone to bed) they relish their “alone” time with me and hubs, too (Dug is curled up in my lap as I type).

As we get closer to the big day, there’s lots to do! Wrap presents that have come in, pick out a cake recipe and bake Abby’s birthday cake, and of course, soak in all the snuggles from our sweet girl.




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