Abby is ONE!


As I get older, time seems to rush ever faster and faster – but nothing could prepare me for the lightspeed of 2016, and Abby’s first year of life. Reading over recaps of pregnancy and monthly updates, I am thankful for the moments I was able to jot my thoughts down because otherwise, it would truly be nothing but a big (happy) blur.

Since “becoming an adult” (somewhere after college, I suppose), I’ve considered myself something between an optimist and a realist – always looking for the positive in things, but working to stay grounded, as well. Once I became a parent, however, I’ve come to find that keeping that positivity is even more important. Little things are just that, little things. Life is something beautiful, and special, and having Abby has reminded me just how important it is to always remember that.
In a year, Abby has grown and changed in so many ways, which has changed me, and our family in more ways than I could have ever imagined. EVERYTHING is harder – from running errands, planning a vacation, or just day-to-day stuff, but at the same time, EVERYTHING is simpler. I’m reminded to slow down, enjoy moments, and of course, be thankful for each day.

But, enough about me!

meganmikephotography-2748.jpgAt one, Abby is growing into her own little personality, and loves learning new things everyday. She’s a big fan of ‘reading’ books, dancing to any kind of music, and laughing. She enjoys trying new foods, going out -whether it’s to the park, the mall, or to Walt Disney World (she’s been four times!) and keeping up with her pup brothers. In a year, she’s gone from a teeny tiny 5 lb 12 oz’er to a happy and healthy 22+ pounder! At 12 months, she’s in 12-18 month clothing (even a few smaller 24 month outfits and pajamas) and has more pairs of shoes than hubby and I combined.

Abby’s not quite walking yet (she’s taken about 5-6 steps at a time), but she can crawl incredibly fast, and loves standing – and getting in to EVERYTHING! For her birthday, she got a little trike and so far, she’s enjoyed taking it out for rides. She is also a fantastic running partner in the jogging stroller, and loves to SING to the music I play over the speaker!

Every night when I start cooking dinner, Abby watches her favorite shows from her car, like a drive in theater – Sesame Street (she loves Elmo the best!), Team Umizoomi and Wonder Pets. She screams and claps when something exciting happens, too!

I cannot express how fortunate I am that I am able to spend so much time with Abby as she grows up, and as she naps, in the carrier right now, I cannot help but hold onto this feeling forever. I know I shared this saying before, but it rings true everyday, and even more so as I look back on her first year:

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ” – Elizabeth Stone

My heart, and my entire being – will never be the same, and for that, I am thankful.

Happy Birthday, to my Dear, Sweet Abby. Love you forever, and cannot wait for another year of adventures.


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