Weeks 6-12, Celebration Marathon Training

Yikes, I have not been great at blogging this training cycle (see Weeks 1-5 here).


At Myakka Half, back in Week 8

Since my last update, we traveled to Canada, where I certainly enjoyed the cooler temperatures for easy running, both in Toronto (the waterfront was awesome for running!) and Niagara Falls (love that Parkway!) As far as SOS (“something of substance”) workouts go, however…let’s just say…I am switching up my goals.

Yes, I admit, attempting a full Hanson’s Cycle as the mom of a one-year old may not have been the most intelligent thing I’ve set out to do, but it’s not been terrible. I decided that doing two harder workouts a week is just not in the cards, but easy runs = yes. I can do those with Abby in the stroller, and thanks to hubs, I’ve been able to complete my long runs on the weekends as well, so not all is lost. In fact, between getting what I believed to be the plague right after Thanksgiving, being a little more sleep deprived than usual, thanks to Round 45 (LOL) of Abby’s teething, plus balancing other workouts, my running still feels strong.

I’ve logged 225 miles since the cycle started, so I am a bit behind, but not disastrously so!

Right now, I am looking forward to Sunday’s Hot Chocolate 15K in Tampa. I think I may try another ‘watchless’ challenge to see how my pace is doing since (a) all my watches have decided to be terrible and annoying lately and (b) it’s a great course to just RUN (not many turns). No matter the result, I’m getting chocolate as well, so I am stoked 😉

Anyway. Full steam ahead! Six weeks til race day!

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