Let’s Fly!!

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a…for lack of a better term….interesting year.

“Birds don’t just fly. They fall down, and get back up.” ~Gazelle, Zootopia 🙂

Instead of focusing on the low points, today, I am looking at the positive things – so many amazing milestones with Abby, awesome international travel, lots of adventures, and of course, lots of pup snuggles. And from there, I am looking to 2017, and dreaming up what’s coming next!

As a newly-minted Beachbody Coach, I’ve been working on setting some goals and expectations on what the new year will look like. It’s exciting – trying something new always is – and of course, a little intimidating, too. Thankfully, I’ve got a bit of a boost, because last week, I learned something totally new that is getting me even more jazzed than before!

Starting tomorrow (12/27), all-new Digital Challenge Packs will be available, which include A WHOLE YEAR of Beachbody on Demand (BOD)! I know this sounds cheesy, but this is TOTALLY a game-changer! I love using BOD because I can sneak in a workout between naps, or household chores, in any room of the house! I can use my TV, laptop, or phone and choose from a variety of exercises, from cardio , weights, yoga, and more…and my “library” of choices  is about to get even bigger, as ALL programs are going to be added – INCLUDING anything new that releases in 2017!

imag0742Of course, workouts are just part of the equation when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle – and that’s where I hope to help people even more! Together, with my Coach Nicole, I’m excited to be co-hosting a Challenge Group starting January 2, to provide accountability, encouragement, and support through the Challenge Tracker App! Even better? All challengers who commit to logging their workouts and Shakeology are automatically entered to win a share of a large prize pool (yes, you can get paid to be consistent for the month!)*

Spots are filling quickly, so message me soon, or share this with anyone you think might be interested in that extra KICKSTART! I’ll be participating right along with you (as well as Nicole) and having fun, establishing healthy new habits that last beyond the ‘resolutioners’ 🙂

*Health Bet Challenge runs 1/9-2/5! Comment or email me outrunmonorail at gmail dot com to learn more, no obligation 🙂


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