Lucky 13 (months)!



After the flurry of December activities, and the excitement of the new year, it’s already January 8th, and Abby’s 13-month milestone!

For the past few weeks, Abby’s been taking lots of tentative steps, but this weekend, it’s like a switch was flipped because she is officially a walker. She can cross a room with no problem, and it seems that our stroller runs influenced her more than I imagined because she has a lot of speed in her step! And all that walking seems to tire her out more, because she’s been sleeping through the night the last few evenings, which is a new development.

Since we switched pediatricians in the fall, Abby had her year checkup a little late, but everything looks good. She’s about 22 lbs and 29 inches, and right in the middle of all growth charts. Her clothes, depending on brands, are mostly 12-18 months, though I had to swap out her 12-month PJs recently.

imag0856One thing that I am SO happy about is how much Abby still loves riding in her carrier(s). We have lots of time hanging out together, and I know that as she gets older she’ll also become more independent, so I truly savor these snuggly moments we get to share.

Another thing I am very happy about is Abby’s willingness to try new foods! She has 1-2 pouches (fruit/veggie) a day, typically, but also loves Cheerios for breakfast, yogurt for snacks, and almost always has a small portion of whatever we are enjoying for dinner. Tonight, she enjoyed a meatball and egg noodles! She also likes drinking from straws (she’s iffy about sippy cups) and has been known to motion to try whatever I am drinking, which I will usually allow her to try (unless it’s coffee or alcohol, hah).

Everyday adventures, like going to Publix or Target, are always fun, as Abby enjoys riding in the cart, and waving and smiling at people. Each Tuesday, we go to the library, where we attend “Baby Rhyme and Sign” and pick out two new books to check out. Abby still does only one sign for the most part (“all done”) but we have fun playing, and she has a good time observing the other kids.

It’s crazy to look at Abby these days and see a toddler looking back at me, but she’ll always be my baby <3.



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