Stop and listen.

Today was a big day, full of big things, big ideas, and big crowds.

largeviewToday, tens of thousands (++) of people marched across the country, and across the world, to take a stand for women.

Now, I must admit, the only marching that I did was around the house, chasing my energetic toddling daughter, out the door, with the dogs, and around the supermarket, buying our weekly groceries. I did not attend an organized march, though I considered it.

Ultimately, I supported friends and colleagues from afar. Most who know me, know what side I tend to lean toward, but I do feel it is my responsibility to read other perspectives, engage in intelligent discourse, and, as much as I can, consider walking in the shoes of those I may find myself disagreeing with.

I have bias. I am human. And in being human, I have a heart, and with this heart, I choose to extend my ear and to truly listen.

Somehow, I made it through an entire election cycle without unfriending anyone over their opposing views – I refuse to live in a bubble, and sometimes, hearing an opinion so unlike mine will give me pause. What are my pre-conceived notions? What FACTS support (or do not support) the statement being made? How does this CHALLENGE me?

Unfortunately today I became good friends with the “unfollow” button on Facebook – because there is a line: when you’re completely incapable of understanding an opposing view,  spreading hatred, or completely unwilling to believe that ultimately, there is still good in the world – well, you closed that conversation, completely.

I will admit when I am wrong , or if there is something else I should consider – and as a friend of mine, I expect the same from you.

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