Weeks 13-18 & GOALS, Celebration Marathon Training

I can hardly believe it, but it’s here: race weekend.

Since my announcement in October, I’ve had up and down weeks, ran somewhere in the ballpark of 400 miles, and despite a lack of sleep and other excuses life happenings, I feel happy and ready to face 26.2 on Sunday, and even more exciting, I feel like my goals are still attainable.

Here’s a review:

  • C goal: Finish strong!
  • B goal: Sub-4.
  • A goal: PR (sub-3:43)

screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-10-22-18-amYes, it’s not going to be easy, and with the lovely weather forecast, it could be a bit of a battle this weekend, but I am ready to see where I am, marathon-wise!

The marathon route is a two-loop course, so that should make it easier to gauge pace and effort.

I have been working my long runs by effort, and have been being pretty consistent about going out easy and finishing STRONG. And so, that’s what I plan to repeat to myself when then going gets tough on Sunday: you are STRONG. You can do this. FINISH IT.

Tonight, I am packing my bags (including my chic trashbag poncho, plastic bags for my feet, and lots of Aquaphor), finalizing my playlist (I’ll bring my iPod shuffle, and a ziploc bag to keep it as dry as possible) and getting stoked!

Before I go, I wanted to share a song that I’ve had on repeat through my entire training cycle – and the title is pretty fitting, too:

26.2, here I come!


  1. Good luck! cant wait to hear how it was! i did the half a few years back and it was a nice course!

    • I honestly think the temp is PERFECT! I am just nervous about slipping because I am the biggest klutz ever! 😉

    • Sorta wishing the race was tmrw (the Saturday forecast looks perfect to me) but I will channel my inner-badass-Lauren!

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