Running, by the numbers

Current bib wall

After I completed Sarasota Music Half Marathon yesterday and was enjoying my post-race brunch,  a fellow runner stopped at the table I was sitting at, solo, and asked if she could join me.

“Of course!” I exclaimed, as I love meeting new runners, “not a problem! How was your race.”

She smiled and replied, “it was my first one! I had a good time, but obviously not as great as you did.”

25_m-100753596-digital_highres-1844_016373-6284973Of course, she was referring to my festive get-up, but I had to chuckle – because she was right: running does make me happy, and I truly do enjoy so many aspects about racing.

We chatted for a while, and she asked me how many half marathons races I had run, and at the moment, I guesstimated more than 20 (“maybe 22?” – which, after checking over my list, was actually correct!)  and I had to just take a minute and let that sink in.

22 times!

I can hardly believe it myself.

I started thinking more about numbers, and thought it might be kind of fun to compile some other personal running figures, and other numbers of significance:

  • 1 = international races completed (Tokyo Marathon)
  • 2 = ultra-marathons completed
  • 3:40 = my current marathon PR!
  • 6 = states I’ve completed marathons in (California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia and Utah)
  • 7 = years running, officially, in May
  • 15 = marathons completed
  • 20.16 = most miles completed in one training run, outside of a race
  • 22 = half marathons completed
  • 30 – minutes -the goal I set for myself in my first 5K (I completed it in 27:39!)
  • 50 = miler, my next distance I’d love to tackle!

Are you a “numbers person” when it comes to running/racing?

2 thoughts on “Running, by the numbers

  1. Yay! I’ve also been running for 7 years 😊. I started December 2010 on Christmas Day. Ha, pretty specific but I was on deployment and made the decision to start running that day. Haven’t looked back since!

    Wow…you’ve definitely bested me in marathons! That number is amazing! I think I’ve done 6? Stopped counting after 3 lol. How was Tokyo? It’s one of the many I want to run one day.

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