14 and Fabulous!

imag2427Today, Abby is 14 months old!

In the past month, Abby has gained tremendous confidence in her walking ability and she is constantly ON THE GO! Her walking strides are longer and less wobbly, and when she gets really excited, she takes OFF – especially when it comes to grabbing a remote control or her brothers’ tails!

Abby now has about 10 teeth (I say “about” because a few are in the in-between phase of coming up/poking out) and she uses them to eat an ever-expanding variety of foods. She still loves her pouches (especially ones that have beets or apple blended in) but she also has nibbles of most things we have at the table, including chicken, potatoes, cheese and more. She also LOVES brushing her teeth!

While she is still babbling more than talking, she can sign “all done” and “more,” and has recently started saying, “uh huh!” or “yup!” Another funny phrase she’s been throwing in is a sound that very closely resembles the question “What’s this?” (it sounds like “WHASSISSS?”) which she actually says when she picks something up, inquisitively.

Another noticeable change? Abby’s really gotten into her stuffed animals lately, and hugs them in the morning when she wakes up, then often selects one or two to accompany her on her daily adventures. She carries them around, and even sits them in her lap when she takes a break from toddling.

imag2399Her love for books is also growing, as she enjoys not only flipping pages, but stacking the books in her collection, and “reading” to her brothers.

This weekend, we will be facing a completely new milestone as a family, as I travel out of town (to the DONNA Marathon Weekend) solo! I’ll be gone ’til either Sunday or Monday and it will be the first time I’ll be away from Abby overnight. However, she’ll be home with Daddy, so I am not worried.

It blows my mind just how fast these months fly by, and despite teething creating a brand new sleep regression pattern (YAY) I can truthfully say I don’t mind – these sleepless nights are worth it to have these priceless moments.

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