RECAP: Abby’s First runDisney Kid’s Race!

Since I toed the line of the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in 2011, I have been been a fan of the runDisney endurance race series. In the past six years, I’ve participated in 20 different runDisney races, from the 5K distance, to the Goofy Challenge, coast to coast, and  in a variety of fun race weekends – but one genre that I had never experienced was the “kids race” variety!

Originally, I had registered Abby for the “Diaper Dash” category of the Kids Races during the 2016 Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend, but we had to skip out since that was my sister’s wedding weekend in Toronto – so when the opportunity presented itself to check out the “next” race distance (100M, for 1-2 year olds) this weekend at the runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, we jumped at the chance!

Well, I did, anyway! What Abby thought, well, why not just ask her? I thought I’d let Abby “narrate” her first runDisney race experience, so without further ado….

My First runDisney race, by Abby Murphy

6 AM. I wake up in my cozy crib, and call, “Mama!” about 400 times before she FINALLY comes to get me. Gee, mom! She changes my diaper, and I nurse a bit before she changes me out of my jammies into daytime clothes, and promptly places me in my carseat. Huh? This is different. I must investigate….oh, nevermind, this is comfy….zzzz.

8:30 AM. Sun shines into the car window, and I have no idea where we are! Mama changes my diaper again, then loads me into the baby carrier and we’re briskly walking up to the “ESPN Wide World of Sports.” Mom and I get into a line and she’s chatting to a lady about running and races. We’re there for about 25 minutes before we’re let into a building, and mom shows her ID, then exchanges some papers that she signs for a big plastic bag in it.

kidsrace9:15 AM. We’re back outside again, and mama is talking to our friend Rick, and changing my clothes into an outfit. Oh! Moana! I like this outfit, this is from the first movie I’ve ever seen in a movie theatre. After my top is adjusted and my skirt is on, she pins a flimsy paper she calls a “bib” onto my skirt, then we get into a big group of kids!

shoulder9:30 AM. I realize that today, I am the one running! I am so used to mom doing the hard work! I wonder how far 100 meters is. There are a lot of people here. I mean, a LOT of people! Kids, parents, grandparents, other people…I don’t know, what are we doing? Standing around? We find a nice spot near the gate to wait. Mom talks to her friend Sarah, and I meet a boy named Cillian. He’s about my age. I think he looks more excited than I do.

9:40 AM. It’s finally my turn! Mom helps me move up to the line. The announcer says “3…2…1…go!” but I am thinking, “3…2…1..NO!” I turn around and make mommy pick me up! This is not something I want to do right now. I am hungry! Give me something to eat!

9:45 AM. Thankfully, mom had a pouch of apple sauce for me. After finishing that, I feel a little more prepared. I mean, c’mon! What is this?


9:47 AM. “Ready, set….go!” This time, I’m off! Yeah! I walk a few steps alone, but I think I’d rather hold mom’s hand. It’s a LONG WAY! What the heck is 100 meters? This is taking forever. I see Minnie Mouse, and some other kids, some are running, some are walking, some are crying…but I keep chugging along.

finisherkids9:55 AM. FINALLY! I make it to the finish line and a lady gives me a medal. Medal? I need something to eat! Yes! The next lady gives me a nice banana. Now this is a good prize! We meet up with some of mommy’s other friends, Jillian, Matthew, and Sher, before heading back to the car.

Running my first race was kinda hard, but I think with some training and this experience under my belt, I will have even more fun next time! Mom says I am already registered for the race in November! Oh boy. I do have to say though, everyone loved my costume!

Hah! I’d say Abby’s first race was a success (thanks, Abby!), but she is on the ready for any questions, so please, leave them here in the comments and we will get to them!



  1. I loved reading this 🙂 like i always say, she (or Abby, if you’re reading this, YOU) are SO cute! congrats! I see many more races in your future!

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