40 by 40

Yesterday, amongst the sea of “I didn’t get in” and “Hooray, I’m in!” posts concerning the New York City Marathon lottery, I got to thinking…when would I run that storied 26.2? I mean, it’s been on my radar a while, though I had not felt the intense desire to run it, or even throw my name into the hat yet.

It’s weird. Most every marathoner I know who has toed the line of this iconic Marathon Major has raved about it – yet still, it hasn’t called to me. In my own quest to achieve completion of these amazing races, I’ve ticked off two of six so far: Chicago and Tokyo. Of course, I won’t run Boston til I run a qualifying time, and Berlin and London will take a significant amount of planning, so those will happen – eventually 🙂

Still, with 16 full marathons under my belt now, I started thinking about my future plans regarding my favorite distance. Six years ago, I would have never imagined completing one marathon, let alone many more!

…then it came to me: 40.

This year, I am turning 33 years old – a pretty good milestone birthday in itself, but I have to say, 40 just seems to have this reputation of being some sort of landmark, doesn’t it? So, how incredible would it be to celebrate turning 40 then running my 40th marathon that year?

From Best Damn Race Cape Coral, 2014.

Yes, I did the math. A few times (since the first time, my subtraction skills failed me and I had somehow convinced myself that I was halfway through to this goal already, hah!) But, for the record, 40-16 = 24. Completing 24 full marathons in the next seven years does sound daunting, I admit, but not completely out of the realm of possibilities.

In the next few weeks and months, I am planning on working on a list or two of possible races – near and far – to help me reach this goal. I don’t really have any “rules” in mind in completing this goal, other than allowing some races to be repeated (especially closer/local ones) but I’d love to hear your suggestions, too.

But wait…there’s more….and it brings it all full circle!

With the New York City Marathon falling in November, I would LOVE to make THAT my 40th marathon. A real celebration, and something to work toward. In the next seven years, I balk a little at the idea of how much it might cost (as of now, it’s nearly $300) but I have some time to work out logistics, I’d say! Additionally, my other goal is to guarantee my entry with a half marathon time qualifier, so that will keep me working hard in speed and endurance.

…whew! It feels good to get these goals out there 😀



  1. Marathon suggestions: Everyone raves about Big Sur (gorgeous scenery). And Phoenix is a great place to get a BQ (it’s mostly downhill). I think you’ve run Marine Corps, right? And I’ve heard Twin Cities is a good one. If you want to step it up, an Iron Man is a HUGE challenge – just ask Meghan or Beth!

    • Good suggestions! And actually no, I haven’t yet run MCM! I want to run Boston 2 Big Sur so we’ll see if that happens in the next seven years 😀

    • Thanks, K! It’s funny – I really enjoyed my visit to NYC but I tend to enjoy the smaller races in a way, but the big ones have their pros, too. Chicago was crazy awesome, so excited for you and your adventure there!

  2. I love your goal! If you ever want to come to the Midwest, Look up the Kansas City marathon or Garmin Marathon!

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