“You are 15 (months), going on 16…”

Hairband days may be numbered!

This girl.I mean, I just cannot begin to describe how incredible it is to see her personality really start to take shape these days. Each day, she becomes a lot more toddler and a lot less baby.

Take, for example, today: we started the day with breakfast and a Skype session with her grammy and gramps, followed by a nap (she has been sleeping a lot better as of late, probably due to her increase in activity), and a full day out with mama – farmer’s market, lunch out, a stop at the mall, Target and finally, Publix.

In the span of those hours, Abby chose to walk (instead of being carried, or put in a stroller) each time, and strode with confidence from place to place. She waved and talked to every dog she saw at the market, ate her first kids meal (grilled chicken tenders at PDQ), chose her own food pouches at Target (and placed them in the shopping basket) and also enjoyed her first cookie at the Publix kids club!

Her chair (pictured in her room)

When we got home, we watched the first 1/2 of Moana – she danced to the music, and sat quietly, in her little chair she pulled up herself during the parts with dialogue. When we paused the movie for dinner (of which she ate one of the pouches she chose, plus some of our dinner, including white cheddar grits, and a sliver of cupcake for dessert, to commemorate her 15th month milestone) she was eager to return to complete it. She was allowed to stay up about 10 minutes past bedtime to see the end, and after changing into jammies, reading a few books, and tooth brushing, she went off to bed without a hassle.

Abby is a girl who fiercely enjoys listening to conversation (and mimicking words and phrases), observing animals all around (she makes us stop and look everywhere we go) and trying new foods (the only thing she has outright refused so far has been lettuce). Her love for books grows, and she takes great pleasure in selecting new titles at the library each week.

We had a good streak of three nights of “STTN” (sleeping through the night) earlier this week, but I fear another cluster of teeth are coming in again, so we had 1 wakeup the night before last, and 2 last night. Those three nights were nice though (although I had trouble sleeping through one of them, of course!)

Other notables? Of course, Abby participated in her first kids race at Disney, and I survived my first weekend without her. Also, not blogged about, but Abby had her second hair cut this past week, and she even ate her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich over the weekend – she loved it (smooshing it, munching on it, and sharing with her brothers, of course).

Moana and Lil Moana discuss Pua’s minimal appearances in the film.

Each day is an adventure and as cliche as it sounds, each milestone she passes is more exciting than the last!

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