5 Tips for Staying Motivated in Running and Training

Ahh, spring.

Here in Florida, race season is starting to wind down, but in most of the rest of the country, it’s just heating up! With my goal races behind me, it’s time to look ahead to a season of conditioning and maintenance before deciding on a new training cycle.

For some, that might sound leisurely and nice, but for someone like me that thrives on schedule and routine – it can be torturous! One rest day can lead to two, then a week…then, well, you know how that goes. I have discovered that I maintain my best balance in fitness when I have a “box” to check off (literally and figuratively).

In times like this, I go back to some tips I’ve cultivated over the years to maintain momentum, and I hope they can help others, too!

  1. Write it Down – goals are great to have all year round! If you’re not training for a race, why not make alternate goals? “I will take at least 3 30-minute walks a week,” or “I will learn how to prepare a new nutritious dish” are good ones! Knowing that there’s something you’re always working toward can keep you on track to a healthier lifestyle, which benefits you and those around you, too!
  2. Invest in Yourself – feeling a slump in motivation toward staying active? Why not buy a new top, or piece of fitness equipment? Protip: buy something that flatters you NOW! Buying something that’s too small or not quite a good fit can create an opposite effect. Honor yourself and your journey.
  3. Get Accountabilibuddies! – Social media is a good place to start, but becoming involved in smaller boot camp or fitness groups is even better! I jump in my Beachbody Coach Nicole’s groups when I need somewhere to share and collaborate. I am working on taking that next step in hosting my own groups, too!
  4. Reward Accomplishments – if you’re like me and love keeping a running base even 17426012_10103002052993803_1840335504459217084_nwhen not training for a race, sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated. To combat that, I like to sign up for virtual races! This way, I can work toward something tangible and when it’s through Virtual Charity Runs, I can be confident that my participation is not only keeping me on track, but really helping worthy causes!
  5. Give Yourself Some Grace – remember, creating healthier habits is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix, or fad. It’s totally okay to have an off day, or watch a TV or a movie instead of go for a run. Balance is important!

What did I forget? Leave me a comment and let’s keep each other motivated!


  1. Great tips!!! I love the invest in yourself one- I remember not wanting to buy biggest clothing right after I had Siena but after I bought a few things that made me feel comfortable in my slightly larger size i was way more confident!

    And of course I totally agree about the accountability and think you’ll do GREAT when you decide to host your own! You’re incredibly motivational!

  2. […] I work on these plans, I have to admit, I’ve fallen a bit off the wagon, mileage-wise. As I previously wrote in a recent “staying motivated” post, I’ve been working on getting back into a routine, so that should help me re-focus a LOT! […]

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