Fall Plans & Beyond

Holy Moly.

It’s March 30….and by the end of the week, it will be April. And here in Florida, it’s already in the 80s, so it feels like summer…which makes me think of one thing: training for fall races.

Yup, it’s a runner’s logical progression!

So, with that in mind, I’ve been working on my plans, y’know, with my 40 by 40 dreams and what not – working on realistic vs. “pie in the sky” – and it’s a LOT to think about!

Here’s a little insight into my recent brain activities/plans:

2017 – age 33 

SPRING – Tinker Bell Half Marathon in Anaheim, CA – running with my sister, our first runDisney event together!

SUMMER – Lululemon SeaWheeze in Vancouver, BC – family vacation/racecation.

FALL – Marine Corps Marathon? Or another October-ish race? I missed the lottery deadline but have a few leads for charities (I have gotten great recommendations for Do Away With SMA, Fisher House Foundation and Team R4V) and/or considering finding a bib later with the transfer program. I am thinking about it…and with a fall marathon, I need to determine if I am going for a PR/BQ attempt, or simply a completion? Using the current Boston Marathon qualifying standards, running a sub 3:40 this fall (my age up for the 2019 race) would punch my ticket to Hopkinton in 2019. Oh, decisions!

2018 – age 34

FALL – last chance for Boston 2019 (if ran before Sept).

2019 – age 35

SPRING – possibly Boston Marathon, Big Sur International Marathon????

Thinking ahead gets me super excited, and also puts a lot of things into perspective….I mean, yes, I’m rounding a big milestone as I am “aging up” and therefore building a buffer into my BQ time, but that also opens up the fact that I have lots to look forward to, too! Working hard, I can continue to lower my times, improve overall fitness, and establish new goals that I may not have even considered yet!

Temps in the 80’s = Sports Bra Squad for life.

While I work on these plans, I have to admit, I’ve fallen a bit off the wagon, mileage-wise. As I previously wrote in a recent “staying motivated” post, I’ve been working on getting back into a routine, so that should help me re-focus a LOT! Starting next Monday, April 3, I will be participating in a 10-day virtual bootcamp being presented by my Beachbody Coach Nicole, and I am excited to get back into the game with a variety of workouts, nutrition plans, and recipes. While I am not currently looking to lose weight, I am looking to get back into some healthy habits after a few whirlwind weeks of race recovery, travel, and a cycle of sleepless nights/skipped workouts! There are a few spots left, too, so I’m happy to share more info to anyone reading this who might need something similar in their life!

By the end of the 10-days, my goal is to have a tentative plan in mind when it comes to “what comes next…” one of the many reasons I love the accountability of such groups – not only do we share our experiences of exercise programs and swap eating tips, but we share the reasons WHY! I am excited to “meet” new people, as well as spend time with those who have participated in the groups before.

So, there you have it. In about two weeks, let’s see how these thoughts and goals progress!

What races and events are on your futurecast? 



  1. Have you run MCM before? If not, you have to do it and it is possible to PR there. If you have run it, you should change things up and pick something else. So little time and so many marathons to choose from! I was just talking to a friend this morning about doing the Boston to Big Sur Challenge next year! Temps in the 70s = sports bra squad…too hot in Florida for tanks and shirts when running!

      • It is a bucket list race!!!!! I almost caved and put in for the lottery but I want to run something new! If you need some charity options, my friends ran for 2 different charities and had great experiences. Bib transfers aren’t too hard either!

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