Sweet Sixteen (months).

16months.jpgI turned 33 years old yesterday, and Abby turned 16 months today!

This past month has been a really fun (and tiring) one! Of course, I spoke to soon about her sleeping through the night, because over the past two weeks, we’ve been navigating the rough waters of molars coming in! Yow! Abby is now up to 12 teeth!

Wedding time!

Despite our lack of sleep, we’ve been continuing learning, growing, and embarking on new adventures. Why, in the past month, we’ve:

  • Watched our second movie in theaters, the new live-action Beauty and the Beast.
  • Won our first costume contest at a fun run, for a St. Paddy’s themed run!
  • Attended our first wedding as a family, when we traveled to Orlando to see my good friend Tom get married.
  • Cleared Abby’s 15-month checkup with flying colors (22.6 lbs, and 29 inches tall) – and even got shots without tears!
  • Welcomed and entertained Grammy on her visit here, with fun lunches out, trips to the farmers market, playing at the park, and even…
  • Taken out first “road trip” to somewhere new: Weeki Wachee Springs (I think that one deserves a post of its own, soon).

I don’t know how it is possible, but Abby just keeps getting more fun and smart – she  loves learning new skills (her latest is throwing trash in the bin) and being an adorable goof (she has learned how to give her reflection, in the mirror, a hug and kiss). On top of that, she creates and performs new dance moves daily, and can’t resist shaking her booty to the Trolls soundtrack, or her new keyboard toy.

On top of all of this, she’s showing a definite fearless side (she wants to pet all the dogs, climb all the steps, and open all the doors) while also maintaining a bashful persona around her peers when we go to the library “Rhyme and Sign” program. She definitely appears to prefer small group socialization over large ones, but seems to have no issue when in public places, like stores, parks, or the like.

We are still nursing, but not as frequently…probably about 4 times a day, unless we are home all day (when we’re out and about, she seems too excited/distracted by other things than to want milk). Abby has a big appetite for “regular” food, and continues to try most everything (lettuce is still on the “no” list, though). She also loves drinking from straws and weighted straw cups.

It’s funny – if you would have told me months ago that I didn’t yet know what “tired” really meant, I’d have laughed – but raising a toddler is no walk in the park! Yet still, it’s a walk in a park that I look forward to making each day, and I look forward to what each new day brings <3.

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