You are the Dancing Queen (17)

Abby is 17 months!

So, that month was officially the quickest, ever. I mean, I haven’t updated the blog since her 16 month update…oops!

abby bed
She loves her toddler canopy bed!

The biggest change in the last month was Abby’s big move from her crib to her first toddler’s bed, so let’s start there! I was a little nervous about it, but she had been getting a bit too daring with her climbing and jumping for my comfort! I wasn’t sure if we needed to do any sort of transition between the two, but after seeking advice from friends, we came to the consensus that we should just move forward…no looking back!

So, one evening, I closed her door and did a swap out while she and daddy watched Bubble Guppies. At bedtime, I opened the door, and called her in to get ready for pajama time…and THE LOOK ON HER FACE! She zeroed in on her princess bed right away and ran toward it, diving right in with a happy squeal…I won’t ever forget that memory!

Since she’s moved to her bed, she’s been sleeping a lot better – she’s slept through a handful of nights (the rest were ‘one wake up’ kind of nights – not bad at all!) and surprisingly, she seems to stay put in bed until morning time, too! It’s kind of funny how she stays in bed now, whereas she always seemed to want to escape her crib! In the mornings when I walk into her room, she usually waves, rolls over, then climbs out and runs toward me…more of those memories I won’t soon forget!

Disney Springs, April 2017.

Of course, there have been a lot of fun new things happening during the daylight hours, too!

In the past month, Abby has been on-the-go for so many adventures, near and far! We’ve attended a meetup at Disney Springs, gone on playdates to parks and the mall, run lots of errands, and started packing for our trip coming up in a few days…to Disneyland!

Abby’s tooth situation has calmed a bit, but she has one more molar due to come in (I’m sure that will happen any time soon) so that’s something that sours Abby’s usual happy mood. She’s also fiercely determined – whether that’s when it comes to pulling open the pantry to find her own snacks, grabbing the dogs collars when SHE wants to take them on a walk, or insistent when she wants to try something new to eat.

Some new foods added to Abby’s palate this month include stuffed cheese manicotti, pieces of hamburger, and a surprising favorite: canned tuna fish!

As previously mentioned, we’re gearing up for Abby’s longest plane ride in just a few days – all the way to Los Angeles, California, for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Race Weekend, followed by a week in Seattle! It’ll be a fun getaway, and I can’t wait to share an epic travel adventure with my sweet little buddy.


  1. I’ve made that trek to CA from MD 3 times now: twice with 1 child and once with both. Just do what you did for your last trip! It works surprisingly well even if the flight is longer. We also kept the iPad on close standby with movies just in case.

    You doing a direct flight? We flew early AM there then red-eye back. Worked out well as it synced up their bedtimes accordingly 😊

    • We have one connection, but not too bad! Sarasota to Atlanta, Atlanta to LAX! 😀 Thanks for the tips 😀

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