18 months!

IMG_3436A year and a half.

It’s crazy – a year ago, I had a six month old. Yeah, yeah – I know how math works, but it’s just incredible how time flies by when you are having so much fun!

Visiting Leavenworth, WA

This past month was a flurry of fun! Abby took her longest flight – Atlanta to Los Angeles on our trip to Disneyland and Seattle, she discovered a love for playgrounds (so much so that we just bought her a little slide of her own!) and tried all kinds of different foods on our adventures – she will try anything once, which is so awesome!

She has grown incredibly fearless in her mobility skills – often running at full speed, rather than walking, climbing up anything remotely climbable, and attempting to steer her push tricycle when we go on walks. She’s also super strong – I asked her if she wanted to help me bring in groceries this afternoon, and she took a bag and walked it right into the kitchen!

Updates on Eating

  • With the discovery that she loves tuna fish from last month, I let her try some fresh grilled salmon when we were in Seattle and BOY did she love that! She even got a second helping when we visited my aunt and uncle’s house.
  • She still loves her little fruit and veggie pouches, but has also started enjoying shredded chicken, green beans, and, in Leavenworth – goulash gravy sauce and of course, Bavarian pretzels.

Updates on Vocabulary/Verbal Skills

  • Abby mimics a lot, and has a handful of words that she will use, including: dada, mama, dog, Dug, door (her new favorite), and then words she uses with the above (i.e. WHERE, WHEN – “Where dog?”)
  • Speaking of putting short sentences together, she did the CUTEST thing just this week…as hubs was out of town, the night he was returning, we were getting ready for bed and in the middle of reading a story, Abby said, “WHEN DADA WHEN DADA?” – to that, I told her that he would be returning soon, and he’d be there when she woke up. So, she closed the book we had, pointed to her bed, climbed in, then fell asleep promptly.
  • Another heart melter? Last week, when I gave her a kiss goodnight, she looked right at me and said, quietly, “ove you, mama.” Yeah, ove. I ove her so much <3!

Other Developmental Updates

  • IMG_3450Abby has a little book that has a variety of items – from foods, to household items, modes of transportation, vehicles, and much more – in English and Japanese. Recently, she’s taken to flipping to the pages of things she likes (her favorites: TV, swings and slides) and signs, “more” – like she wants to watch more or play more. AllI know is that I am so thankful we didn’t let her watch TV til she was 1 because, wowie, she just can’t get enough of Nick Jr. and Disney Jr.!
  • She LOVES waving now, and blows kisses, too!! My favorite is when she says, “MWAH!!!” really loudly – she does this to cashiers at Publix, Dug and Cosmo, and my parents, over Skype.
  • We’ve started visiting more play areas, playgrounds, and places with kids closer to her age, and she’s becoming a bit less shy! In the past, at the library group, she would really keep to herself. Now, she walks up to other kids, and chatters away. At the mall play area, she got a hug from a little boy, and was led around the structures by a little girl, who showed her how to play – and she was brave enough to follow and play along!

I can’t believe that as of tomorrow, she is closer to TWO years old than ONE! Time flies when you’re having fun!!

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